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Stevie is the Bomb!!

Andorra 0 England 3

Ok, so everyone knows that Steven Gerrard has been the outstanding performance between all the England players, even though the result and team performance were nothing close to that. But he was terrific, best guy on the field the last match, best player again on this morning match vs Andorra.

First half, was messy, i didnt see a team i saw individuals. Yes, we did have like an amazing posession, stayed in the one half most of the time, and were lots of shots tried out. But assisting wasnt there at all. My impression was heagreaves and gerrard was not used to each other, andy johnson and rooney was not partnering each other well but getting there. NAd to make things worst, The fans were jeering, I think i got it nurul, the fans came to jeer at Steve McClaren and to support their team. They were saying something like ” u are going to be fired tml morning”, and were shouting for DAVID BECKHAM. Serious, that wat the article said, i’m all for it, becks return would be a nice start.

But second half, a whole new different team came out of the dressing room, they look gelled and all pumped up and a team. But it wasnt enough for the first 10 mins, but then wonder stevie scored with from inside the penalty box. That doesnt happen very often for stevie g not in the box, then his second goal… everyone was trying to pass ard outside the penalty box, looking unsure… Stevie was like what the heck, he saw a chance and he took, he stole the ball from the teammate pass through some defenders and scored to the right corner of the goal. That Run he did, that its typical stevie, so proud, he would be rejunveniated to come back and face Arsenal! Cant wait!

And nurul, Not only is the reception bad for the match, the call was all wrong. John Terry didnt get the yellow card it was Ashley Cole. Love him, but he deserve it. Players should not put matters in their own hands.

Andorra National team is such a pathetic team, a downright disgrace to football with all the diving, play acting and the protest. I never felt such disgust so much for a team, usually only like one or two player would displayed such disgusting behaviour, but the whole team. I really feel like spitting on them, and that counts for something coz i dont even spit at all, not on people or on the street, only in my basin or the toiletbowl. That how lowly i feel abt them, the FA should look into the Behaviour of the team.

On a lighter note,


Frankie didnt play, he fractured his wrist and some liagments torn
Wheni found out rooney acidentally injured him, i was like ” OH NO, He sat on my FRANKIE!” haha
Actually, lampard’s wrist got in a way of rooney’s shot. Poor guy.


Someone is missing…. Frankie…


Some of the England players celebrating the goal.


The 2nd Goal… my fav out of the 2 stevie scored.


It’s 2 baby!

So the questions are, is Steve mcClaren set to keep his job after the victory?

I am not a fan of him, dont hate him. But a new manager would be nice, a foreign one maybe?

Are the players really behind mcClaren backs?

I’m not so sure, even if they said it. U have to take the words from the people who is saying stuff abt the person nxt to them, who is also their boss and their chance to represent the country with a little salt. They aint gonna say u suck boss. Look at eriksson, everyone came out after he is gone.

Not an excellent performance by the team, but it’s a start. Lots more improvement needed.



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its time to reveal some of the footballers child/baby photos.

I have alrd reveal one photo out of my mini collection (rooney) here are the rest of it…..

It will be in order of i like the pictures or how funny it is

David Beckham


Clearly we all have seen the fair share of Becks childhood pictures, not much to say but minimal changes to his looks. He is his very own youth potion….

Cristiano Ronaldo


Not much change, still looking adorable


A little blurry, but look at the middle picture. Thick, bushy hair and to compliment it all, the chubby cheeks. Unlike the slick slender cris ronaldo we all know and love. haha

Jose Reyes (former Arsenal Player)


A classic example why guys just look better and HOTTER with shorter hair.

Cesc Fabregas


Cute, he reminds me of some child actor. Cant put a finger on it, though that look on his face and the get up he looks like he would do great as the robber in any home alone movies. haha. He be the tall “brainy” of the 2, he sidekick would be the short and plump one. ( I dont even know why i think like that, just call me crazy. Label me, and move on. haha)

Steven Gerrard


Not much change from him, the middle pic as is super cute!

Jose Mourinho


He is one of the better looking and fit manager in the league, his boyish features is still there at such an age. When he was younger, OMG, Hunk Alert! =)

Frank Lampard


The first time i saw this pictures, was laughing my ass off, he definitely mature to a fine man now and with a fitter body of course.


did somebody told him my posing/smiling like that is cool?! haha

The Last and my FAV, i just couldnt stop laughing at this…. this footballer is my striker hero and a legend

Thierry Henry


LOL, isnt super duper hilarious. and the cutest footballer picture i’ve seen!! It Tops my List…. The fro, the bell bottoms and that cute grin did the job

Update: another picture


The cutest baby of all??

P.S : so sry some of the pictures are too big and cut out the current pictures. Well, u know what they look like presently.

Another Update: Since this entry is so popular, i have a new set of footballer’s baby pictures with the likes of Michael Owen,ballack, totti, raul, messi etc. Which i will reveal in commemoration of Children’s day 1st OCt. So look out for post: Baby Pictures of footballers Part 2


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Check This OUT!

A show in Britian called Saturday Night Takeaway, featuring Ant and Dec, and little Ant and Dec.

Firstly, Lil Ant and Dec.

Victoria Beckham is being known for not smiling in public, not at all blaming her. But she is adorable when she laugh, she is really comical. Check this old Vid of her interviewed by two cheeky little boys named Little Ant and Dec. I just found out abt them few days ago, i guess their humor and appeal to the audience is their cheekiness, innocence, and the fact that they look like they rather be somewhere else then interviewing famous people. Cute!

Posh is bloody awesome in this! Can u imagine, Brooklyn playing for Newcastle Utd?!

This is becks’s interview,

Cheeky monkeys, getting him to signed a contract and getting him to sing a newcastle song. Brilliant thinking! haha

Check them out on youtube, they interviewed so many stars (even tony blair) only some on youtube like westlife, clooney,robbie willams,kylie.

Here are the older ant and dec in the show

ant and dec pranked Busted

My fav british band after Blue, Mcfly, surprised a fan!

Mcfly rocks, esp Dougie! No way do i want Mcfly go through my underwear drawer, or my clothes. haha


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Chee Leng =)!

I’m here to announce that i LOVE CheeLeng, not of the fact that because of her i may have a glimpse of a chance to be in the same class with Clarice and Yeejie. But it was due to the fact that she was willing to give up her place where most of our previous classmates are in, not only that she initiated the idea. She asked me for a transfer, OH MY GOD, i would never dream of anyone doing that for me. Basically she is an extremely big hearted girl and just have very rare yet charming personality. Love her to bits.

I have no hopes for me to get to 04 class at all, was hestitating, even when i was at the office with her. Making sure this is what SHE wanted, and she said ya, and logically explained that we have nothing to lose. What’s made matters worse is that the Director of the School of Business came over and ask of our reasons on requesting of transferring of class. It play the idea down, clearly it was really keen on our reason, and most definitely stated clearly that he werent do that if he were our shoes. And said it was all up to Mr Lee the person in charge of this matter.

The downside is that, we were only know the sucesss of our appeal after one week of schooling with the class assigned to u. Boy, they dun make it easy do they. however, CheeLeng gt a call this afternoon that a appeal was unsuccessful and she had collect some stuff on fri. Wonder what that is. I have receive no such call.

Well, my hopes are still low. But just wanna say its nice to have such a brilliant friend. And i’m kinda ready to have new classmates with WeiLing!


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Kebab delight

The villa game was stale, BORING. Not much of anything to talk about.

Rafa said that the only gd thing that came out the game was a point, i begged to differ. He forgt one thing, GERRARD is injury-free!


5 mins before half time, gerrard was seen holding his right hip. He missed one play, but thank god he ran it off. HENG!
Not only did liverpool fan gasp when they saw him hesitating, but England fans too. Thank god, Rafa took him off the field at 3th 1/4 of the game.

Oh and another thing, Arsenal lost to Everton. Thank god too, i prefer 3rd place than 4th y’all. But did u see the hail, they had to play through the last 5 to 8 mns of the game? Isnt that cool, hail in Liverpool. I know its common, but hey give me a break here, Singapore only has surplus of sunshine not forgetting the humid environment and pouring rain.

* For those who are clueless of what a hail is : Its a raining of small balls of ice in simple terms.*


Alll Hail Alan Johnson! The scorer of the injurytime goal, hope he help produce greatness for England.

Anyways was bored and so i went to youtube, my daily vitamin. And i found a video about Hilary’s dream, she wants to know how to make kebab. I LOVE kebab, i remember eating it in sch when they were having a bazar. DeliCIOUS. Picture jamie oliver reaction when he taste good food, its that times 10! *drooling*

Hilary has good taste!

I am so craving for it, the kebab sandwhich is delicious (better than the Ramily Burger,seriously!). IF i’m not wrong its a new addition of the pasar malam (night market) family. So anyone know where there is any pasar malam goin on tell me, if its in tampines then dun bother.haha I HAVE to live in an area without any pasar malam darn it,Pasar malam’s food is amazingly delicious yet unhealthy and sinful.

In my opinion, any tourist of any destination should visit night markets for great local delights and goods, and to be the heart of the country and in the mist with the locals. So Candy go try all the food in Hong Kong, thats the one thing i can remember abt hongkong is the food. Yummy!! I never had a bad meal there, enjoy dear.


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Watching Desperate Houswives recently? notice Gabby’s maid XiaoMei. Xiao mei had an affair with carlos, gabby’s husband, and is carrying their “baby”. Well, it turns out its not their baby.


Well the actress Gwendoline Yeo is a SINGAPOREAN!! She move to San Fran from Spore at age 9. Not only is she an actress but she also a classical or fushion musician.


This is her, looks different huh? without the french maid get up.

Her credits is quite impressive, all good shows that i love watching.

Here are some :

Desperate Housewives


Judging Amy


I love this show! Its actually having reruns on Hallmark channel. Love it!



Not a big fan of the show, my bro do watch it occasionally if there is nothing else to watch.

Hannah Montana


This show is HILARIOUS! Disney shows are definitely the best. It joins the list of good disney shows, such as Lizzie mcguire, That’s so Raven (no doubt) and Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Aint we singaporeans proud that we have another good talent coming out of our tiny island. I hope it cancels out the humiliation of Sly getting runners up in SI.

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Money is becoming a top pirority for clubs, then the silverware. Because with that they can improve their squad, by buying and selling players. Money has always been a factor in the football industry, just that its becoming more obvious and public. Maybe it is because of now its the era of Abramovich and Beckham.

In term of football club management and ownership, Abramovich is a perfect example. After his takeover of the Chelsea, the london club has been soaring. Reaching new heights, with a no credit limit sponsor they can buy world class players, manager and facilities. Abramovich is now the 16th richest man in the world in 2007, a drop of 5 places from the time he bought chelsea. Now Chelasea has becoming public enemy no.1 kicking Man Utd out of their spot, what is worse than having egoistic club is to have rich egoistic club at the top.

IS the new wealth good for the club, yes, short term. Look at Real Madrid, they got greedy trying to get world class players in to one team. It does not work, egos clashes. I am not a hater of Chelsea, but what i cant stand is that the rumors of mourinho going when the team is not doing so good. SO what! U guys i still number two, try again next year. Where is standing behind of the team, or being the man that made the club what it is. Yes, the money create opportunities, but god damn it mourinho is one the BEST manager the footballing world has got to offer!

I’m not here to make out that Liverpool is an angel club, but it is far different from the other big clubs and i only have the facts on my club. So here goes, Liverpool has turn down the 5th richest man in the world for 2 American Business man(guess money is not everything in Liverpool), George Gillett and Tom Hicks. Some people thing Liverpool was nuts, i thought so for a min till i found out the reason. Liverpool was trying to find someone who would come to their terms and share the same goals. The 2 americans have to go through grueling interviews, even with Capt and vice-capt Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher. All emphasisng on their goals on winning throphys,a nd the passion of the club and their fans.

I am so glad that the 2 most respected and passionated reds can play a part with the takeover, here is what a extract of what stevie and carra said to them in Gillett’s words:

We had the privilege of spending some time last night with Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher and they delivered us the message. They are all about winning and all about the passion from the fans. They asked us three specific questions:
They wanted continuity of management with David and Rick. They have enormous regard for them. They also spoke extremely warmly about Rafa and made us aware that they feel this man is truly one of the great geniuses in the recent history of the sport. They wanted to communicate to us the feeling from the dressing room was of great respect for the management team.
Secondly, they wanted to talk about players and to encourage us to support Rick and Rafa’s efforts in building the team.
They were also clear with their views on the stadium. They made us aware the sound, the energy and the passion that Anfield provides needs to be incorporated into the design of the new stadium.
They were the three messages they wanted us to hear and we heard them loud and clear.

The link for the full interview:

This what the footballing world should be. HAiz.

But its not only the senior management of the club has got $$ in their eyes, let me take some of the recent news. I’m a little down that its regarding my 2 ‘B’ Frank Lampard, John Terry and also Cristiano Ronaldo.


John Terry wants a new 9 year deal at 130,000 pounds a week, and demanded to a limitless parity (to be a highest-paid player at the club until beyond his 35th birthday). He earns 90,000 pounds a week, club offered 100,000 pounds. The upsetting part is that he wants to buy out his remaining contract, and be a free agent and leave the club.


Frank lampard wants to increase his pay from 80,000 a week, club only offering 100,000 pounds. Lampard is also furious.


Cristiano Ronaldo is wants to increase his 60,000 pounds a week to 12,000 pounds. His contract still goes to 2010. Ok, this is crazy, yes he is on top form and i like ronaldo and all. But double ur salary just because u are in top form for one season? The season has yet to end you know. Of course this maybe untrue, and all rumors. But hey, my point is on demanding footballers.

I’m all for milking the value of ur position in ur club, but the fact that u are ready to move to another club. I guess i cant understand this, just that players are becoming more demanding nowadays. Its not good for the club and in football in general.

Money fixes things in the short term and produces results, but long term wise i’m not so sure.


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