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” Damaged really started 2 years ago, the question is how deep is it? And can I fixed it before i go …….”

I really have nothing much to say, so just a galore of my fav pictures of the match


Agger doing his thing, not his best performance though.


i just find this real peculiar


He is in the chelsea’s supporters pit, i was so tired and the match was so fustrating and numbing that i couldnt even remember why he was in there. I still have the match in my Smart Box, gonna check it out.


Everyone just looking on when drogba is in pain…

Ok, i watch the American idol, and Jordin Sparks sang You’ll Never Walk Alone.

I cried watching her sing,gave me goose bumps, she definitely done the song justice. This is the theme song for Liverpool fc and has been used all over, for the family and friends of victims of the killings in Virginia Tech and so on. i’m so glad that this song which mean a whole lot to the Liverpool Supporters also provide comofort to people all around the world. To those who tease us to abt the song, hey its more meaningful than u think.

Jordin Sparks – You’ll Never Walk Alone

i hope the singing of YNWA in the next leg would help us boost the players and go to the champions league final. If we lose, its ok, we’ll send the players off with a You’ll Never Walk Alone again. Gooo KOp and Reds!!


Ps: thanks Nurul for helping me, i could never realise the root or cause of everything if not for you. Thanks for being there for me, and understanding me so well. You know me more than i know myself.Today was a real self-realisation day, next the step. love ya!


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Let the Games begin

“I’m a change person since sec 5, i never been like this. After being broken, the way i made use of any situation is different, i have no control of it. My psychological side takes over, freaky aint it?! I have my very own “jessica”, i totally relate to nikki sanders of heroes. ha!”
Yet again a chelsea and liverpool Semis…. looking forward to it.. One of the few things that keep me sane.


I love this two guys, though its a no brainer who i will support.


Stevie ‘wonder’ gerrard, he’ll be aspiring as he’ll always be.


Plus his bestie in the squad, both of them are living legends (not in the making, they are alrd) in the current squad.


Looks like they are having fun during training.


Crouchie, kuyt, Bellamy??? Who will score?

Why is garcia when u need him?! haha, poor guy, injured and all, all he can be now is to be a kopite.

In other matters, i cannot belive i missed a Wentworth Miller lookalike, why didnt they stop me from buying my mili for goodness sake. Peok says he is a exact replica of the prison break hottie. i absolutely think wentworth miller is hot and a brilliant actor! I’m becoming a prison break fanatic even though i only started watching at the last half of the Season 1. Wentworth miller, drools. They are now calling me “miller’ or “milla” cant really tell. Thanks to peok for rubbing it in the whole day that i missed the wentworth miller lookalike…. NOT! haha


drools away!


I gave you blood, blood, gallons of the stuff,
I gave you all that you can drink and it has never been enough.
I gave you blood, blood, blood,
I’m the kind of human wreckage that you love.

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” forget abt getting someone to dig it out of me, i’m here…try for once to ask, previous times u nvr did. Dont fuck it, let her be.”

I’m so in love with My Chemical Romance…. what is there not to like them???

So i just want to promote them, and my fav songs. And reveal their upcoming new single.

My fav songs in the whole album…


Live at the house of blues, taken way back when they just release their album i think.
I guess the get up is a promotional strategy for their album and the videos. Love the uniform, i want their jackets!

i love love love the song! Even though it sounds sad at all, ts my pick me up song for the time being.

Do we all go to hell? Does it even matter? Honestly, if anyone restrict themselves for doing anything in fear of going to hell. I honestly dont think its a good enough reason. You gotta see beyond that, and look at the consequences, esp for others. Ok, enough of the preaching.

Another wonder of a song

House of Wolves

I love them performing live (AOL sessions), gerrard have an absolutely amazing presence on stage and a real solid vocals.

Their upcoming single ( if i’m not wrong is teenagers)

I’m anxiously waiting for their new vid, their videos are always interesting!


Not bad of a song!!

The Lyrics is real cool too…

They’re gonna clean up your looks
With all the lies in the books
To make a citizen out of you
Because they sleep with a gun
And keep an eye on you, son
So they can watch all the things you do

(This part does relate to our all so “wonderful” Singapore)

The boys and girls in the clique
The awful names that they stick
You’re never gonna fit in much, kid
But if you’re troubled and hurt
What you got under your shirt
Will make them pay for the things that they did

Hmmm… maybe the korean viginia tech guy took this para too seriously..


Mama, we all go to hell.
Mama, we all go to hell.
I’m writing this letter and wishing you well,
Mama, we all go to hell.

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Ok, so not a very magnificant performance by my reds, but solid one. Key players were rested such as Gerrard, Carragher. Hyypia came back to first team status for the match and with the captain armband too. First time, hyypia partnering agger ( the fellow who took his 1st team place). good partnership, but sry sami carra and agger is just bloody perfect. Just like thoes days when sami (hyypia) and jamie (carra) had a flawless partnership.

oops hyypia is cut off…

Another plus for this match is God came out to play, he usually hardly get a chance to play in euro games let alone domestic ones thsi season. Though he came out beacuse of an injury, See i was RIGHT, they will be casualties….


pray that it wont be too serious


Good Ol’ Crouchie, never thought he would be so reliable. Its going to be a good year for him.


this guy is just brilliant and he is so young (in football terms of course)…
I think i’m getting to be a huge daniel agger fan, i’ll never forget Gerrard. But this guy is the future of Liverpool. I guess he is not one for interviews or media, so he is a fan nightmare. very few pictures or info of him.

I here to declare, because i did not do it for Cesc Fabregas who i kept an eye on before he gt real famous and popluar with girls. So i am saying I spotted Daniel Agger from the day he arrive Liverpool, and liked him for his brilliant centre back skills and his attiude towards football. Of course his looks is an added bonus.

One day he’ll get notice by the media, by he is notice by the liverpool fans, highly regarded by us. I think that’s all that matters.


ps: yey, haley is out of American idol.!I knew she realised at top12 that one thing she had to do EVERY week is dress sexily as possible, Simon is right (90% always right), the only way she could survive was to wear as little clothes as possible. Finally, she’s off!!

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PSV 0 Liverpool 3

Can u even believe it…. liverpool started out slow but got their pace after gerrard headed in the first goal ( brilliant pass by finan!!)… thank god for stevie!


The winning team….

I wasnt sure if i was surprise that crouchie was called up. Bellamy is an obvious choice for pace in europe even though crouchie was just fresh from his homcoming triple triumph. Of course crouchie did scored against psv before… Only the genius of rafa would figure out the right tactics against any team.


Capt. Wonder, broke legend ian Rush’s record goals in a champion league, 15 goals during Liverpool’s 50th champions league match . And he is all embrassed…

I’m a bit embarrassed to be honest,” he said. “He is someone I’ve watched as a kid and I never dreamt I’d break one of his records. I don’t think I’ll be breaking any of his other ones.

Lets not be complacent now….


Words from the great man himself ( stevie duh!):

We can’t think about that just yet,” he said. “There’s still work to be done in this tie and we have to make sure we’re professional at Anfield next week and finish the job off. There’s still 90 minutes to play.

hear! hear!

I spent most of my day staring at lappy, working on the video for my beloved grandma. Honestly, she is the only grandparent me or my bros are close to. She brought me up, we stayed with us till i’m 13. She is my roommate, and she cover up for me from my parents countless times. I cant remember the last time she nag at me, unlike my maternal grandma. Our last holiday together was brilliant, sharing a room with another cuz seems like a girls slumber party. I love her soooo much, i’m planning a perfect present(s) for her… pls god let her live long and let her stay healthy.

I’m still fresh from Linkin Park;s brillaint song…

Another song which is real good, and damn sentimental.Its being played on elimination night…

Its Home by Daughtry

i’m not a fan of him, didnt really follow the previous AI season, wasnt into soul patrol or have mcphee fever.

But this season, i cant miss it EVER! My dad watches AI together, another father and daughter routine.

My fav contestant, and i think his too…

Melinda Doolittle!! She is brilliant singer and such modesty and personality! Whoo! I remember her audition very well, my dad stood up and clapped for her.

This is my fav performance from her… “I’m a Woman”

Lakisha has a “big-old voice” in randy’s words, she a little lacking of pesonality. Sometimes u feel she is too divaish. Who cares, she’s still her fantastic singer. She needs to bring her game every week like melinda. This is my Fav performance from her ( i believe my dad missed this!), its a jennifer hudson dreamgirls song. Brilliant!

Love all the other girls, but not haylie. The boys…. i love Chris and blake!


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One of my fav bands ever!

in Case u missed the premiere today on Mtv at noon ( i didnt), here is the vid

Linkin Park — What I’ve done

Very meaningful vid, love it.


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Amazing Amazing performance by the reds, truly one of the best we displayed for the whole season. I’m definitely a happy camper, my dad has been quiet through the second of the match. I was pretty loud while celebrating at home. Here are some reasons why i am so pleased, hmmm… i think “pleased” its an understament for my feelings now, how about our overwhelmed? Ya.. thats good

1. Homecoming Crouchy


He came back strong after having surgery for a broken nose, this dude almost didnt wanted to have the surgery since he may leave him out for quite some time. I think everyone has been persuading him to go for the op. Poor dude, he is afraid he will lose his position if he is left out, there is alrd speculation that he may leave in the summer. Lets hope he carry on proving that he IS of value to Liverpool. Manificant return!

2. Hat trick, first for club by Crouchy


Triple sweetness for him, the i think the last liverpool player who had a hat-trick with Arsenal was Robbie ‘God’ Fowler, twice in fact. Hmm.. or isit more than that?

3. Stevie was sub out


Thank you Rafa, we need him fresh for PSV on tues/Wed morning. He didnt look happy to leave, while he nvr is happy to sub out no matter how “big” the match is.

4. DANIEL AGGER scored!!


Its the BEST PART for me, DANIEL AGGER SCORED!!!!!!!! so happy so happy lalalalalalala
And finally too! The other only goal he scored was against west ham, a stunner, also it is to celebrate 100 years of KOP! DanAgger rocks!! =) =)

aggercelebration dangoal


His smiling……he hardly does that during a match. usually he is nvr the center of the attention, well for him its only for a moment, Crouchie is getting most of it.

This liverpooldudette is hitting the sack with a huge smile on my face…


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