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The Liverpool players, staff and supporters must remind ourselves about having a final every season and two champions league final in 3 seasons is a huge feat. We had been winning finals, except for one league cup with chelsea, losing comes part and parcel of the game.

Life’s gonna kick you down sometimes, And thats OK!
Just dont let it KEEP you down.

Its so heart breaking to see such sadness in the eyes of the players, i could help swelling up and waterworks just came. I am proud of the players, i am. There is alot of room of improvement, this is only yr 3 of the rafa revalution, we aint done yet mister!

The players now concentrate on National Duties then coming back in August for the season, i’ll be waiting patiently ( yeah right! more of couting every sec till the day).

Overall abt the Match:

I’m not being a sore loser, coz i almost always never am. But i have a huge disliking to this particular ref, bias mother fucker! The milan players were clearly really aggressive and he closes and eye, and for the slightest bits of knocks by the Reds he makes a big fuss.

A blind man would do better. And the stopping at least a min before the extra time should have finish is just outrageous, it would be at least 30 secs to the estimated time at the 90th min, but due to subs they should be additional secs.

Secs matters alot, it may not have meant goals but it’ll definitely meant oppurtunities.

Agressiveness by the Milan players, oh my god esp that Gattusu, now i noe why the man utd fans complain about. The milan today is just not so classy as two years back, i swear i would think i was in a wrestling match.

For our part, finishers we dont have. Lady luck not on our side, maybe not. It wasnt at all an excellent performance overall, but i guess good effor and never say die attitude. Crouch should come on way earlier. We were losing the ball to easily, i could go on and on. BUt i’ll not, i just state that we desperately need a finisher. Our forwards are not that reliable, we need prolific strikers.

Rafa, you got a job cut for you. I hope the new owbership is sealed and confirm then we can start buying and selling.

Speaking of selling,

speedy is set to leave the red army. Such a pity, after fighting so hard to get here, but only for one season of action. I wish him all the best, engish style may not suit him but i’m sure he’ll make his mark at his new club. Zenden has opportunity to look for other cluns not sure abt if he would want to go.



This is the face that got me so emotional, poor carra.



This is highly painful to look at, i love my reds. We will come out strong, we still the only english club that has agood run with the Champions League Finals, win it or not. Something Man Utd, Chelsea fans has to close their eyes to dream about.

5 times and proud of it. So the 6th time wont be this year, it could be quite soon. At least we has the most thrilling finals /history making finals under the belt to be proud of. There is no shame here.

I congratulate AC MIlan on their win, esp KAKA. Brillaint footballer, world Class.



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Not yet our 6th

i am distraught and disappointed. Waterworks did came, slightly.

but i am proud with the players for fighting to the end…

Job well done lads. =)

I’ll blog more soon.

YNWA for eva

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6th time?

Oh my goodness, my heart has been pumping since i got up. And i tried not to think too much on the champions league, but i cant hide the fact that i’m truly nervous.

One thing, that i bring to the table that not many male football supporters is that i’ll get emotional.

So no matter what, i’ll cry. Just either in happiness or that i’m sad. Like Istanbul, i cried like twice. Half time, for sadness and for pure joy. But i’ll will NOT be DISAPPOINTED at my reds, no way no how. I’m absolutely proud for their achivement. 2 finals in 3 yeard, amazing! AC Milan too, 2nd final in 3 years, way the go!

Alot of people are rooting for AC Milan because well they are out for revenge. So yet again, even though we beat them at the previous final (Most amazing ever in our lifetime if you dont mind me saying) we still come to the game as underdogs. ANd the reds thrive on being the underdogs. =)

I’m worried… nervous… excited…. so many emotions in so little time.

Here are some training on my team’s journey to Athens.

First their bonding / training trip in Spain (think the portugal trip minus the golf throwing haha)


Both Goalie…. Reina. Its really upto you….




In athens



Is kewell playing?? Not sure, what in the genius plans. At this moment, if rafa follows his usual procedure. he’ll just announce the first team. All i dun want playing is paletta…. if you really follow to his games you know why. I dont think he is that good either.

netherless, its always good to have Kewell back. Hey, maybe the his national team would put him in the team list on coming to singapore. IF yes, i’m going to watch!



Ok, another girly outburst… i promise i there’ll be no more…

” I cant believe dan agger shave his hair off…again!!!” hahaha…



so near, yet so far…
Rafa, thank you for the third final in 3 season, and second CL final. I totally hope rafa stay in Liverpool for a very long long time.

I cant ask anything more… i know the reds wont let us down,gerrard said so =), we know what we u against. The vengence, the speed, the aggressiveness from Gattusu . I do hope we’ll win, if not i’m still a proud mama.

Lets hope the liverpool supporters are in full voice, and even though the ticket allocation is bad. I hope plenty of them got their way there. Lucky bustards… Crap, that i cant. If i ever got a chance, i’ll jump at it. Fucking sucks that i’m in Singapore.

Pray that this will come out our way, brighthen my dull week. Bring some hope to a dissatisfying season.

Players to watch:

Stevie G (Duh! captain wonderful never fail, not only we expect him to be an inspiration leader, hey he may score?!)
Carra ( another, Duh! Another scouse who is unbelieveably emotionally attached to Liverpool. Never say die, will fight all the way for the club and the fans. And a mighty important defender and the leader of th ebackline)
Reina ( the sole guard to our prcious goal, AC Milan are vicious gaol scorers (defend, defend,defend!), he has to be alert all the way)
Riise ( it may come out with something special)

First final for: Penant, Bellamy, Agger, Kuyt professionally and for the club, will give their all.)

What i am still clueless on, is who will play forward for us? Arrrggghhh, why does Rafa only tells one hour before… Patiently waiting….

Love Liverpool, and wish them all the best.

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Chelsea won!!!!!

I’m so late in blogging abt this, since i was super busy being sick. Dont even get me started, esp on the timing!

There really is nothing much to blog abt the match, because its an utterly stale match. Even the trophy presentation is a little bore. So here are some picture, that I feel that is interesting.

First Half : Total no go…
2nd half: Man Utd started to stand out and attack.

But the Giggs goal, is not a goal. Mr Giggs, Push the ball behind the fucking line, good call ref (lucky but good).

Extra Time, a little more exciting.

First of all, i like to state who in the utd team i feel remorse for their lost. Others…. Nah! =)


Ronaldo, of course.


Rooney, years ago. i dont have any liking to this guy. Now i have a slight soft spot for this. Lets hope he can deliver for Euro.


How can i miss scholes and smudge, This is two are my fav in the squad. I remember i was distraught that scholes retired from national duty and smith had his foot broken (facing hong kong) in anfield… accident of course.


The good national Caption comforting poor rooney….


Chelsea first Fa Cup win under Jose rule…
I like Jose, i know (WHAAATT!!). Ok, he has some ego and name bashing, what ever character flaw he has.
But that will never take away that he is a brilliant coach, 6 trophies in 3 years.

Of course my no 1 coach is RAFA. Mr Genius.


Drinks all ard!

Its time to feature two of my fav chelsea players (beside J &A Cole,Cech)


Aww… best buds. Their are like a blue version of Stevie and Carra.



This is the part that a true lady football fan brings to football, sensitivity to the players. not psycho, but ya. I just love to see pictures like that, modern football has not become an egoistic playground but a ground that not only develops professional partnership and strong bonding.

I do hope that this two decides to stay on…..


A grp photo, such joy. How wish i can see this on thurs with my reds, whatever it is i’m damn proud of them and thankful for another final. Champions League, did we mention we won it 5 times and still hungry for more. =)

Off to athens


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I was so nervous for dear melinda, i dont care that the 3 girls in the top 4 are “fat”. This is a fucking TALENT SHOW moron, at least i am very satisfied that the top 4 are all deserving and hugely talented. i was right, wasnt i ?? i bet that Jordin and Blake to be in the final 2???!!!! Even though i bet otherwise, My heart wants Melinda to go through to the final, though a part of my senses have a feeling that she wont.


This girl showcase the best vocal perfomrmer in the show history and with someone who has such a humble personality… Just Love her! I really dont care that she is not commercially beautiful or sellable. The music industry is just crashing down, When Melinda comes out with an album ( waiting oh so patiently..), I will buy it! No Downloads!!!! I will go out and buy the album, i will stay behind her!! She is just an inspiration, and if i could have her to sing at my 21st birthday, graduation, wedding, baby showers, funeral etc, any one of those, if only i could just have just a slight brush over the a musical genius.

I was totally shedding slight tears, my dad was shocked (i wasnt). I cant believe that this is the last time i’ll watch her performing for a long time…. hey wait!! She’ll be performing at the finals!!! YEY!!!!! Simon was shocked too, and he was visibly upset that she wasnt through. Smart guy , he knew she wouldnt make it when they said Jordin went through… he dramtically “collapsed” on his table.

Winning may not be the best path, i am really happy that i could witness the birth of a brilliant singer in my time, since aretha franklin, MC and etc. SHe is such a true performer…

I love her, and blake and Jordin, that would be an interseting final. I will definitely follow up on this melinda, blake and jordin after AI is done. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!

Random things abt the show:

ELLIOT YAMIN: he looks freakly different, teeth was obviously done. I need to do that, braces is definitely not enough.

Marron 5: Adam is so hot… a little gayish skiny, but HOT.


i think this entry looks distorted and not organise… i’m half awake
There… thats was my reason. Give or take.

Athens 07

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Yesterday, We bid farewell to the Player we affectionately call God, such a legend for liverpool and for england.

His achievements:

In his first stint in Liverpool (8years), he scored 120 goals. As of his last game for Liverpool, he had scored 162 goals in the league making the fourth highest goalscorer in the league history. (Top is of course Alan Shearer, Big DUH!) Throughout his career, he scored 224 goals(total).

The most successful season of his is the treble season, appearing in 3 finals scoring, lifting 3 tropies (Capt, since rednapp’s injury) and 17 goals. Even though he was the third choiced striker, after owen and hesky.

Capped for england 26 times and 7 goals.



1994–1995 League Cup
2000–2001 League Cup (Also winning the Alan Hardaker Trophy for man of the match)
2000–2001 FA Cup
2000–2001 UEFA Cup
2001–2002 European Super Cup

Runner up
1995-1996 FA Cup

1993 UEFA Under-18 Championship

1995 PFA Young Player of the Year
1996 PFA Young Player of the Year

(2 Consecutive wins, a feat only matched by ryan giggs and rooney)

Fastest Premiership Hat-Trick (4 minutes 33 seconds v. Arsenal, 28 August 1994)

Brillaint, aint it! In 4 and a half mins he scored a hat trick against ARSENAL.

This is the only good video (out of the few) available so far on Youtube on the departure and the last match for Robbie, i’ll be waiting for the rest tribute to the ‘God’ soon.

As Gerrard said he is irreplaceable, thank you Rafa for bringing back ‘God’ to us. Thanks Fowler for the wonderful memories and ur footballing brilliance. Is strikers like Fowler, henry that catches my eye, because their all about precision, pace, timing, no tricks just pure class.

Not forgetting dudek, even though he is not much of a goalie now. maybe more experiece in other clubs would restore his confidence. Liverpool will never forget our istanbul hero. I wish him all the luck on working his way back to the level he wants to be playing and back to the national team.

Not so sure, what fowler may be doing after L.F.C, he said he had not think abt his next step. Lets hope its something to do with football, even if he is retiring (which is still unclear). Maybe he could do his property investment thing, since he is doing farely well in that area.

Hmm… whatever it is. I wish him all the best…

Pictures of the yesterdays farewell match (more picture on official website)


Robbie warmin up for his last match in LFC Shirt, in anfield, for the kop.


Robbie Class


errr…. what a picture!


Lap of honour (more pictures)


him and his child. SO CUTE!!! and can u see robbie fighting back his tears, he did said he was trying to.. Awww, anfield must mean so much to him.


the players brought their little pride and joy to anfield


The only daddy that brought an umbrella for his child….


Robbie Fowler,
thanks for the memories
Miss YOu dearly in our hearts
and will always be a legend to us
You’ll Never Walk Alone

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First thing first….

Fuck Fuck Fuck, Chelsea is not coming to Singapore anymore. Wanted to rant on fri, my tiredness just took over me. I got everything planned out, i dont care that its chelsea. I just wanna see Lampard,Terry,J.COle,A.Cole,Cech!!! Arrrrggghhhhhhh! i was so looking forward to be on the blue side for once!

At least the Man Utd fans has to suffer to, They are not going to KL.

Let see if Liverpool will stick to their word and head off to HongKong for the asian cup??

Alpha Dog is an amazing show….

Its abt youth dis-interpreting messages from music,videos and movies, its abt drugs, sex and crime.

One crime, 3 suspects, 38 witnesses. A true story

The whole movie, you’ll feel that hey, that this guys are just idiots. It was so simple to resolve this, this movie ampilified that we all have choices, with them consequences. The youth they thought that the deed that they are doing is the only choice they had, but they is always another door waiting, they just couldnt see it.

The trailer (must watch)

The editing and story telling is really good, Justin Timberlake is surprisingly a real good actor.
doubts? the spoiler below would prove it, a real emotional scene. DOnt watch it if u wanna watch the whole movie, coz its really would just spoil your whole experience. DONT WATCH IT IF YOU PLAN TO WATCH THE MOVIE!

( i have a strong feeling that it wouldnt come in the theatres in spore, since it was out last yr in the states, check out in the CDs store or the movie rental outlets.)

Just check it out. Love the show… and i’ve watch stomp the yard. Alright i guess, stepping is fucking cool. It aka tap dance with a hip hop factor, just fucking brilliant.


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