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Granny Rapper

I found many more britain’s got talent videos decided to blog next time, but i couldnt resist the moment i finish watching it to not post it right away.

so here it is, super hilarious!!

i can never say enough of this, i LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

There is so many videos i’m so tempted to post.



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A Shoutout to the WINNERS!

First of all,

REAL MADRID won the spanish liga title, alrighty, in Your face BARCA!! Such a brilliant end to becks career at Real, some people say it is a mistake. i cant agre to that, i think the move was a brave one, coz eng players dont last long in spain. They get butchered, it aint for them, the style the pace, but becks fit right in. Esp with the mates like roberto carlos there too. He have conquered the world, next is USA, if anybody can do, he can. Football rocks my world, let it rock the world.


Look at the number of fans, what a sight.


What a father’s day it turn out to be for becks!! Not only did he won the title with his last match for real, he got his sons to celebrate with him. of course he also, got his wife, friends tom cruise and katie holmes at the stands cheering home. You’ll find the pics all over the net, not posting them here though.

and before i go back to another football sections of winners, i like to say PAUL POTTS, the opera guy, WON Britain Got Talent!! Way the go!!

here is his winning semi final performance,

Connie Final perfomance

This song should be her signature song….

I LOVE LOVE HER!!! You can not watch any of my videos i’ve posted, bUT THIS IS A MUST SEE!!
Such a beautiful voice, and a lovely and adorable angel, it’s only right for me to spread this ard.

It would be marvellous if she won. She should have won.

back to football,

Liverpool Stars of the season, in their position, voted by fans.

Best Goalie,

Pepe Reina (of course, DUH!!)

Best Defender,

Jamie Carragaher (Double DUH!)

2nd. Finan 3rd. Agger (yey, well done)

Best Midfielder,

Steven Gerrard

Best Striker,

Peter Crouch

Another brillaint talent from britain, a young (real young) street dance (the audition)

I agre with amanda, love his smile. The way he could speak abt his financial problems at home and him providing for himself shown so much maturity. I have a soft spot for him. BRILLANT dancer

I love music, and football.


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