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am i nervous for today’s match? Hell yeah!

I thought this season would be our season, not that i thought that we would win the league. But hey i thought this would be the season, with less hiccup more consistent more goals. i guess, the dream start of the season isnt something that would spark a good run, now speculations of the possibility of us wining the trophy died down and now facing a huge possibilty of not even qualifying for the Champions League. I never been so disappointed.

This match would give me hell, first of all, i’ll be at the edge of my seat, or if not.. when the arsenal start scoring, i would just sit back and sigh.

Hey what happened to the optimistic me, i still behind Liverpool 100%, but i’m just exhausted with all the dissapointments in the past few weeks, esp when all the rest of the clubs are cruising through. So i’ll expect the worse now, then see what the outcome is.

But Hey, i couldnt imagine a better team to lose to than the Gunners, coz everyone knows they are like my second fav club just not 6-0 like previously.

Honestly, right now i’m not sure if Rafa is still MR. Almighty to me. I dunnoe what he is doing now, maybe i’m being overly sensitive but he feels different to me and i’m not talking abt the pounds he lost or the goatee. He is usually the silent one, not feuding with managers, not bouncing at the sidelines but sitting down and thinking about the next strategy.

He just seems Angry, i want Mr. Calm Cool Collected back.


Xabi’s return a good sign for Liverpool? — I really hope so, we definitely need him in the middle of the park against the ever youthful gunners.

“It’s clear that with Xabi, Daniel Agger or Fabio Aurelio, players with quality in possession, you can improve your attack,” said Benitez.

“The question is to find the balance. Xabi is a top class player. If he plays well then the team plays well.

“In midfield we have Gerrard now playing better and if you have Steve, Mascherano or Xabi playing well then you know the team will play better.

“Xabi can play with pace. He has pace with the ball. It’s important that we have someone who can switch the play before the opposing defenders are organised, he can pass the ball 40 yards so the defenders don’t have time. Sometimes you need a player like Xabi.” – Rafa

Speaking of the youthful — I am really really afraid for the backline, i mean god bless hyypia but he is not as young and fast as he used to be, and the gunners are faster than he used to be. We seriously need the pace of agger back, for him to chase the forwards and create the a pass to the rest of his teammates up front. HE is the key to the success of the backline, but he has a bloody injury. ARRRGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Who shall we be afraid, my other beloved young footballer (besides Agger, Senderos)

This season is definitely a time for him to shine, in the goal tally department that is, since everyone knows his abilities in the middle. (and i knew alot earlier than the rest of the world :p hehe)

here is what he said abt his respect to his countrymen in liverpool.

“Torres is an amazing signing for Liverpool,” enthused Fabregas. “He is like a horse – so strong, powerful and quick.

“He scores a lot of goals. He’s good in the air and has great feet. I just hope he doesn’t score on Sunday.

“Pepe is incredible. A great keeper. When I am training with the national team I take shots at him and penalties, and sometimes I score! He is so very quick. He waits and watches until the last second because he knows he is so quick.

“He can still react in time and that’s why he is so hard to beat from the penalty spot and in most other situations. He’s just brilliant.”

About Xabi

Xabi’s been teasing me,” he added. “He said to me: ‘When you come to Anfield you always lose!’ No chance. We are going there to win and if we don’t win I will go home very angry.

“We are good friends and we talk a lot. When I first joined the national team as a teenager he already had 35 caps and so much experience.

“I was young and very shy but he helped me a lot and was always very nice to me. He put me at ease, helped me to relax. He sat and talked to me, invited me to his room to watch movies and in training always talked and encouraged me. He was fantastic to me.”

Rafa as national coach??

The Gunners midfielder also talked about his regard for Rafael Benitez and said: “Everyone in Spain sees Benitez as a great coach, one of the very best in the world.

“He won the league and UEFA Cup with Valencia. In his first season at Liverpool he won the Champions League and in the second year the FA Cup and last season he was in the Champions League final again.

“People at home would love to see him as the national coach one day.”

So if Liverpool win, i’ll be so estactic, u couldnt even wipe the smile off my face… it would definitely be a good start for a horrible week(s) ahead.

Hey, a girl gotta dream! and sometimes dreams so come true.. no matter how cliche it sounds.



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Lost 1- nil


This would be my expression to the Whole team… WHAT THE FUCKING HELL WAS THAT?!!

bad bad bad, arrrrgghhhh!!!

WHATS WRONG, we were doing so well………. is it because PAKO left.. i dont even know he left. but after checking the forum’s for my fellow reds opinions abt the fustrating display. Pako is a assitatnt manager for rafa, who is very known for his tough training… whom i think has a great impact on how the players has improved being here in liverpool and being so discipline. Haiz, i have a strong feeling that the reason of the downturn of our performance is his absense.

i’m so upset that i’m speechless on what to say abt the match, thus i’ll post some comments made by the liverpudlians

Sunraged says:

From the moment the whistle sounded, we looked uncertain about the tactics, unsure of our roles, sloppy in the pass and looked completely unmotivated.
I didn’t see a team I recognised tonight, it was a game I feel we should have won, but nevertheless a game we needed to show that we wanted to win.

We neither won, nor did we show until the 93rd minute, that we could have cared less about the outcome.

Very disappointed about the result,but even more disappointed about the style (or lack of) by which we lost.


ozreddoc says:

Disappointing. So many poor first touches, poor cohesion and too many long balls. We dont play football with joy, only Liverpool supporters can enjoy watching us. We have heart and grit no doubt!
The team is not settled you have no idea who will play one week to the next, it can’t help.

Midfield turned over too much ball, Crouch did little, Sissoko gave the ball away so often including the lead up to the goal. The defense was sound and Reina excellent.

What ever happened to pass and move? But technically when we win the ball in midfield we nearly always go forward and often turn it over. Many teams go back, secure posession and then build. But the first touches, I’ve not seen it so poor.

It’s easy in rerospect but Masch and Babel I think would have added the stability and the creativity that Sissoko and Leto couldn’t.



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