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Stale Reds

We drew with Arsenal! It wasnt a bad match, wasnt a good either. And i was actually expecting the worst — a lost. So when we scored early, i was shocked and there was a slight relieve yet i HATE early goals.. that would be another post. I would be happy with a draw, but i am not. Not when the goal was a horrible GK mistake, and cesc would have added another one if wasnt for cesc bad judgement in his kick.

One thing for sure Crouchy needs a hell lot more field time,he proved his importance when he was subbed in after Torres left injured. Rafa needs to stop benching Crouchy, he doesnt need to start him just let him play more frequently, he not only damn right deserve it but it does benefit the team.


He was fucking brilliant during arsenal match, well now FT is injured it would be refreshing to see him more often. YEY.

People always speculate abt the departure of Crouchy, i do not think that Liverpool would sell him at all. This tall fellow gives us an added edge, he makes a difference once he is on field, with and without scoring goals.


DA MAN! so what he is a gunner, i always knew he would be a precious gem to football. I cant say this enough before the rest of the world. Around 2003-4, i realised his potential and now woah he is making a name for himself. Love it.. GOOO Cesc!

Last nights match, Against Cardiff City. The return of GOD.

Liverpool won 2 goals to one… i didnt get to watch the match at all. so i cant comment on the performance… but i’m really glad for the Return of GOD!!



Shit i really wanted to watch this match… haiz… Next match.. Rovers here we come!



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