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You Appalled Me

I really cant imagine that the person i used to be close with, is now a stranger to me. I honestly cant stand how some people just play victim instead of owning the situation…. and especially when it’s an old friendship that is on the line.

I dont care how i’ve been hurt, but looking on at how this hurt my other friend, just makes me mad. I’m not saying this person is all at fault, it takes two to tango. But seriously wont anyone would care enough to work things out with their (ex) best frens, or at least give a dignified farewell?

I am just appalled and disappointed of her behaviour, i just see cowardice. We just need to get over you, and move on.

At the end of the day, i should count my blessing i still have my 3 besties by my side.


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1. The Hero Yet-Again



What the hell was Barton and Smudgerthinking?? Did they really think playing dirty would benefit them? The scoreline suggest otherwise.

3. The LOSS


It is wasnt as bad as i thought, Alonso suffered some bruising and would be back training in a few days! I thought the stretcher would just been gloom for anyone, i just not. PHew!

4. The Other Fan


Daniel Craig aka James Bond is a Liverpool fan how great is that! The only person that can really top this, is liverpudlian Samuel L Jackson finally pay anfield a visit! =)

5. The Old Friends Reunited


Welcome back owen!


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