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Found this videos the zac-efron obessed perez hilton’s site, and i’m not exactly a huge zac fan. But he appeared on a british talkshow ” The Graham Norton Show”, (i LOVE LOVE LURVE british comedy) so i decided to watch it and DAMN it was quite hilarious.

Anybody or anyone who stumbled on this site, pls watch it for the comedy and not for zac efron.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Obbessed with graham norton now. Loves it!



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i’m so bored, didnt receive the oh so important call…

First of all, The winners of vma 07

Monster Single of the Year: Rihanna ft JayZ – Umbrella

Quadruple Threat of the Year: Justin Timberlake

Best Collaboration Winner: Beyonce and Shakira

Male Artist of the Year: Justin Timberlake

Female Artist of the Year: Fergie

Best Group: Fall Out Boy

Best new artist: Gym Class Heroes

Video of the Year: Rihanna ft JayZ – Umbrella

Best Choreography: Justin Timerlake: My Love

Best Direction: Justin Timberlake: What goes around, Comes Around

Best EditingL Gnarls Barkley: Smiley Faces

I’m so thrilled that JT has 4 in the bag, it was definitely well deserved, another well deserved was monster single.. i mean who else can beat the infectious tunes of umbrella?


How cute….

However, i dont think Rihanna’s Video should win video of the year… MTV is so TOTALLY OFF! The video was so blah, i couldnt even bring myself to watch the full video. so BOOOOOOOO to that one, still love Rihanna though… The other nominees are: JT – What goes around comes around, Beyonce – Irreplaceable, Amy Whinehouse – Rehab and Justice – D.A.N.C.E

I would opt for everyone except for amy and rihanna… I love Justice’s video

Fergie female artist of the year?? i wonder what nelly thinks abt this.. I would say nelly or beyonce in this catergory..

And best group, even though it is a sure win for Fall OUt Boy, i was so hopping for MCR or LP.


When that’s the winners…

The losers


Her horrible performance.. which someone finally upload on youtube, the vid i watched yesterday was much more clearer, so i could see clearly that she wasnt even trying to lipsynch at all, just singing along to the tape..

There was no energy at all, it seems like she didnt want to be on stage… I’m not a britney fan, beside liking her songs, but one thing that makes britney is her moves and her energy on stage, thats the britney that i LIKE… WHAT HAPPEN TO THAT?

Well, at least it is not VERY horrible as the press stated it would be

Here are some speculation after the performance:

Backstage: Britney crying that she was fat and she knew that she did badly
Hair: she pissed of the one and only ken paves, so that explains her hair
Source1: her rep blames the host sarah silverman, coz britney heard that she is going to say that her boys are beautiful mistakes, was mad hence her performance was bad
Source 2: Sarah Silverman didnt annonce to anybody abt her jokes before hitting the stage
source 3: Britney did not want to be lifted up, or any complicated moves, she didnt wanted to wear a corset and insist on wearing that number

She has no one to blame but herself, she has no manager if i’m not wrong… no one in this industry will go solo no matter how long their in this business just to survive let alone be successfull.

Speaking of loser, literally i mean

Kanye west went away empty handed again… and his reaction

Red Carpet:

the hills

So glad that the hills girls came, they look amazing esp whitney…

ashlee simpson

Cute… love her, surgery or not.


i dunnoe abt the dress, but bee is always gorgeous


Jennifer Garner… hot mama


Fly as usual for luda, love the purple vest


Another hot mama, i LOVE her.. spotting a new hair colour totally love it!


LOve the cleopatra look, but me no likey the train


Rihanna… with alot of tape…

lastly, Ms Paris Hilton


flawless, definitely trying on a new look.. at least she didnt look too slutty like a previous vmas tries

So thats all on my update on the Video Music Awards,


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