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Found this videos the zac-efron obessed perez hilton’s site, and i’m not exactly a huge zac fan. But he appeared on a british talkshow ” The Graham Norton Show”, (i LOVE LOVE LURVE british comedy) so i decided to watch it and DAMN it was quite hilarious.

Anybody or anyone who stumbled on this site, pls watch it for the comedy and not for zac efron.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Obbessed with graham norton now. Loves it!



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First thing first….

Fuck Fuck Fuck, Chelsea is not coming to Singapore anymore. Wanted to rant on fri, my tiredness just took over me. I got everything planned out, i dont care that its chelsea. I just wanna see Lampard,Terry,J.COle,A.Cole,Cech!!! Arrrrggghhhhhhh! i was so looking forward to be on the blue side for once!

At least the Man Utd fans has to suffer to, They are not going to KL.

Let see if Liverpool will stick to their word and head off to HongKong for the asian cup??

Alpha Dog is an amazing show….

Its abt youth dis-interpreting messages from music,videos and movies, its abt drugs, sex and crime.

One crime, 3 suspects, 38 witnesses. A true story

The whole movie, you’ll feel that hey, that this guys are just idiots. It was so simple to resolve this, this movie ampilified that we all have choices, with them consequences. The youth they thought that the deed that they are doing is the only choice they had, but they is always another door waiting, they just couldnt see it.

The trailer (must watch)

The editing and story telling is really good, Justin Timberlake is surprisingly a real good actor.
doubts? the spoiler below would prove it, a real emotional scene. DOnt watch it if u wanna watch the whole movie, coz its really would just spoil your whole experience. DONT WATCH IT IF YOU PLAN TO WATCH THE MOVIE!

( i have a strong feeling that it wouldnt come in the theatres in spore, since it was out last yr in the states, check out in the CDs store or the movie rental outlets.)

Just check it out. Love the show… and i’ve watch stomp the yard. Alright i guess, stepping is fucking cool. It aka tap dance with a hip hop factor, just fucking brilliant.


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One of my fav bands ever!

in Case u missed the premiere today on Mtv at noon ( i didnt), here is the vid

Linkin Park — What I’ve done

Very meaningful vid, love it.


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its time to reveal some of the footballers child/baby photos.

I have alrd reveal one photo out of my mini collection (rooney) here are the rest of it…..

It will be in order of i like the pictures or how funny it is

David Beckham


Clearly we all have seen the fair share of Becks childhood pictures, not much to say but minimal changes to his looks. He is his very own youth potion….

Cristiano Ronaldo


Not much change, still looking adorable


A little blurry, but look at the middle picture. Thick, bushy hair and to compliment it all, the chubby cheeks. Unlike the slick slender cris ronaldo we all know and love. haha

Jose Reyes (former Arsenal Player)


A classic example why guys just look better and HOTTER with shorter hair.

Cesc Fabregas


Cute, he reminds me of some child actor. Cant put a finger on it, though that look on his face and the get up he looks like he would do great as the robber in any home alone movies. haha. He be the tall “brainy” of the 2, he sidekick would be the short and plump one. ( I dont even know why i think like that, just call me crazy. Label me, and move on. haha)

Steven Gerrard


Not much change from him, the middle pic as is super cute!

Jose Mourinho


He is one of the better looking and fit manager in the league, his boyish features is still there at such an age. When he was younger, OMG, Hunk Alert! =)

Frank Lampard


The first time i saw this pictures, was laughing my ass off, he definitely mature to a fine man now and with a fitter body of course.


did somebody told him my posing/smiling like that is cool?! haha

The Last and my FAV, i just couldnt stop laughing at this…. this footballer is my striker hero and a legend

Thierry Henry


LOL, isnt super duper hilarious. and the cutest footballer picture i’ve seen!! It Tops my List…. The fro, the bell bottoms and that cute grin did the job

Update: another picture


The cutest baby of all??

P.S : so sry some of the pictures are too big and cut out the current pictures. Well, u know what they look like presently.

Another Update: Since this entry is so popular, i have a new set of footballer’s baby pictures with the likes of Michael Owen,ballack, totti, raul, messi etc. Which i will reveal in commemoration of Children’s day 1st OCt. So look out for post: Baby Pictures of footballers Part 2


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Check This OUT!

A show in Britian called Saturday Night Takeaway, featuring Ant and Dec, and little Ant and Dec.

Firstly, Lil Ant and Dec.

Victoria Beckham is being known for not smiling in public, not at all blaming her. But she is adorable when she laugh, she is really comical. Check this old Vid of her interviewed by two cheeky little boys named Little Ant and Dec. I just found out abt them few days ago, i guess their humor and appeal to the audience is their cheekiness, innocence, and the fact that they look like they rather be somewhere else then interviewing famous people. Cute!

Posh is bloody awesome in this! Can u imagine, Brooklyn playing for Newcastle Utd?!

This is becks’s interview,

Cheeky monkeys, getting him to signed a contract and getting him to sing a newcastle song. Brilliant thinking! haha

Check them out on youtube, they interviewed so many stars (even tony blair) only some on youtube like westlife, clooney,robbie willams,kylie.

Here are the older ant and dec in the show

ant and dec pranked Busted

My fav british band after Blue, Mcfly, surprised a fan!

Mcfly rocks, esp Dougie! No way do i want Mcfly go through my underwear drawer, or my clothes. haha


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Watching Desperate Houswives recently? notice Gabby’s maid XiaoMei. Xiao mei had an affair with carlos, gabby’s husband, and is carrying their “baby”. Well, it turns out its not their baby.


Well the actress Gwendoline Yeo is a SINGAPOREAN!! She move to San Fran from Spore at age 9. Not only is she an actress but she also a classical or fushion musician.


This is her, looks different huh? without the french maid get up.

Her credits is quite impressive, all good shows that i love watching.

Here are some :

Desperate Housewives


Judging Amy


I love this show! Its actually having reruns on Hallmark channel. Love it!



Not a big fan of the show, my bro do watch it occasionally if there is nothing else to watch.

Hannah Montana


This show is HILARIOUS! Disney shows are definitely the best. It joins the list of good disney shows, such as Lizzie mcguire, That’s so Raven (no doubt) and Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Aint we singaporeans proud that we have another good talent coming out of our tiny island. I hope it cancels out the humiliation of Sly getting runners up in SI.

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A new do for the tween/childstar

Frankie Muniz


Definitely breaking free from his goody image, or what’s left of it…

Love it?

I like it.

The more i look at his picture i realise that i’m all so desperate to break free from whatever image i have….
Desperate for a new image =)

Yes again, i need help to update my look. My hair has grown to shoulder length and his begining to qiao (curl up at the ends) and not forgetting split ends. One thing worse than split ends is having them at sholuder length hair, coz its right there whenever anyone looks at you in the face. If u have longer hair, it will not be that noticeable. Get what i mean?

I have shown my girls C.E some of the hairstyles that i absolutely love, i guess now i’m searching for a wider audience (not so wide as the stats reveal). hehe, so feel free to comment.

I just love this styles…..


This would definitely look nice…. love IT!


Maybe this doesnt fit me, for cant denial this styles are hot!


This 2 hairstyles are a definite worth considering! what u think?


I like the left hairstyle better, the right one is so difficult to maintain, sure qiao de. OUT!


Ohhh…. maybe a boyish hairstyle… i can pratically hear the NOOOOoooooooo from my fens now…hahaha

Speaking of really short hairstyles, i love the new hairdo from Vic Beck


She looks hot, the style looks hot.

I love IT!


when i say i love It… i mean i LOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVEeee IT. hahahx..

So which one of the these styles would suit me best??? noting that i have thick wavy black hair and round face.=)



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