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CL opening match was a “phew, thank god the floodgates didnt open”, we were lucky to come out of that match a draw. Not a match i like to talk about, so just read abt the match from another fan’s view, Red Cauldron, who is also the blog that made me stumble across this cute and funny video (below) of the Special one

And Jose mourinho is to leave Chelsea, i will kinda miss him. No matter what anyone says, this arrogant bustard is one hell of a coach/manager. He is one of the best, he would be more acclaimed if he doesnt knows is abilities and gloat about it. The english league would miss ya jose, well only when there is lack of good mangerial decisions, so i guess probably a maybe 2% of the time.

Speaking of chelsea, i had one entry fully dedicated to hilarious videos of chelsea, well manly John Terry.. i realise it would be fucking awesome to have more entries like that…

Therefore, for this entry it would be the one and only MCFLY… They have tons and tons of videos of them out there, so i’ll pick a few favourites from the small sum that i’ve seen… I’ll hope u’ll enjoy it, i think u will be it u’re a mcfly or not.

Selected funny moments

Harry and dougie gets married

Dougie trying to put contacts on…

Its quite funny, esp since he eyes was close. at the end of the vid, would be harry wrestling spiderman.. u can totally skip that part.

Mcfly friendship put to the test

Poor danny, he looks so disappointed

Danny bad boy chat


This is really hilarious, poor harry….

Funny interview

I’m hoping for the best for tonight’s match with the wounds of euro disappointment still fresh and the injury woes of star centre back Daniel agger and Pass Master Xabi Alonso…



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Chelsea Funny Videos

I know man… Chelsea, I kinda not dislike them since i love John Terry, Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole, Petr Cech and Joe Cole… and i just search for Jt and out come some really HILARIOUS videos. I must say, ChelseaTV is fun!

If you are not into watching Chelsea, just watch the first few ones ya?

Blooper JT and Lampsy

i think this one is not included in the broadcasted orginal, since they were asked the same question with different response. At first, i was like what so funny, but both of their laughter is just infectious, forget the quality of the video, just laugh along ya?

Who is the Best Looking Footballer in Chelsea?

I find this really funny, everyone was so shocked abt the question and had a hard time. They were like WHAT THE HELL, John Terry’s “Blimey” and “flipping out” tells all, but Frank Lampard is the only one whip out the answer quick and expressionless. What does that say about him? Haha… kidding

Players (Jt, Frank and ferrera i think) Pranked the Presenter

I think this is freaking awesome!!

Lampard’s wife humilates JT on tele

LUTHER VANDROSS!!!how i wish he had SUNG! huge bummer, his shocked face is priceless though!

The dressing room celebration videos

FA Cup

Just look at the 0:45 when JT and Frank is like dancing “da da dadala …..” haha, they’re bringing it! ROFL and J.Cole @ 3.23, SO CUTE! haha.

Jt Arrives back to the Dressing Room after injury scare

Fast forward to the back, when everyone surrounded terry….

If you didnt catch that…

The Transcript:

terry: ‘i woke up and billy says to me ‘i thought you was dead’
Petr Cech: ‘thats not very nice bill’

Bill is the masseur, what a joker he is too. You can watch his videos on youtube. I thought JT was dead (ok maybe not to that extent but still), it looked extremely serious injury, he swallowed his tongue, i swear you could see him went blue. Was really scary!

Bottom line is i love JOHN TERRY And FRANK LAMPARD.

I’ll search for liverpool fun takes, but is definitelu alot less. Maybe they would be more behind the scenes in the future when liverpool TV launches soon. Fingers Crossed!


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