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i’m so bored, didnt receive the oh so important call…

First of all, The winners of vma 07

Monster Single of the Year: Rihanna ft JayZ – Umbrella

Quadruple Threat of the Year: Justin Timberlake

Best Collaboration Winner: Beyonce and Shakira

Male Artist of the Year: Justin Timberlake

Female Artist of the Year: Fergie

Best Group: Fall Out Boy

Best new artist: Gym Class Heroes

Video of the Year: Rihanna ft JayZ – Umbrella

Best Choreography: Justin Timerlake: My Love

Best Direction: Justin Timberlake: What goes around, Comes Around

Best EditingL Gnarls Barkley: Smiley Faces

I’m so thrilled that JT has 4 in the bag, it was definitely well deserved, another well deserved was monster single.. i mean who else can beat the infectious tunes of umbrella?


How cute….

However, i dont think Rihanna’s Video should win video of the year… MTV is so TOTALLY OFF! The video was so blah, i couldnt even bring myself to watch the full video. so BOOOOOOOO to that one, still love Rihanna though… The other nominees are: JT – What goes around comes around, Beyonce – Irreplaceable, Amy Whinehouse – Rehab and Justice – D.A.N.C.E

I would opt for everyone except for amy and rihanna… I love Justice’s video

Fergie female artist of the year?? i wonder what nelly thinks abt this.. I would say nelly or beyonce in this catergory..

And best group, even though it is a sure win for Fall OUt Boy, i was so hopping for MCR or LP.


When that’s the winners…

The losers


Her horrible performance.. which someone finally upload on youtube, the vid i watched yesterday was much more clearer, so i could see clearly that she wasnt even trying to lipsynch at all, just singing along to the tape..

There was no energy at all, it seems like she didnt want to be on stage… I’m not a britney fan, beside liking her songs, but one thing that makes britney is her moves and her energy on stage, thats the britney that i LIKE… WHAT HAPPEN TO THAT?

Well, at least it is not VERY horrible as the press stated it would be

Here are some speculation after the performance:

Backstage: Britney crying that she was fat and she knew that she did badly
Hair: she pissed of the one and only ken paves, so that explains her hair
Source1: her rep blames the host sarah silverman, coz britney heard that she is going to say that her boys are beautiful mistakes, was mad hence her performance was bad
Source 2: Sarah Silverman didnt annonce to anybody abt her jokes before hitting the stage
source 3: Britney did not want to be lifted up, or any complicated moves, she didnt wanted to wear a corset and insist on wearing that number

She has no one to blame but herself, she has no manager if i’m not wrong… no one in this industry will go solo no matter how long their in this business just to survive let alone be successfull.

Speaking of loser, literally i mean

Kanye west went away empty handed again… and his reaction

Red Carpet:

the hills

So glad that the hills girls came, they look amazing esp whitney…

ashlee simpson

Cute… love her, surgery or not.


i dunnoe abt the dress, but bee is always gorgeous


Jennifer Garner… hot mama


Fly as usual for luda, love the purple vest


Another hot mama, i LOVE her.. spotting a new hair colour totally love it!


LOve the cleopatra look, but me no likey the train


Rihanna… with alot of tape…

lastly, Ms Paris Hilton


flawless, definitely trying on a new look.. at least she didnt look too slutty like a previous vmas tries

So thats all on my update on the Video Music Awards,



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It is FINALLY here!

I knew someone would upload the pre-season interview of Steven Gerrard….

I am really excited for the villa, and mostly because i wanna see how the newly signed players fare with the rest of the team, esp FT (torres). Maybe this season is ours, even if it isnt, i have feeling it would a good one with lots of improvment.

But i’ll make my second opinion, after tonight’s match. GOOOO LIVERPOOL!

Commerating the begining of the season:

I thought i’ll share a video:

Simpson take on Soccer

Its all in the name of comedy, but still is my beloved football. Anyways, i love the part about the riot, even though its superficial, but the football riots are usually dumb and the people in them…. even more idiotic.

but i prefer this video… (starring Ronaldo)

Now…. Ronaldo AWAY!! hahaha i wonder if its really him…

I hope u enjoyed the videos,


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Granny Rapper

I found many more britain’s got talent videos decided to blog next time, but i couldnt resist the moment i finish watching it to not post it right away.

so here it is, super hilarious!!

i can never say enough of this, i LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

There is so many videos i’m so tempted to post.


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A Shoutout to the WINNERS!

First of all,

REAL MADRID won the spanish liga title, alrighty, in Your face BARCA!! Such a brilliant end to becks career at Real, some people say it is a mistake. i cant agre to that, i think the move was a brave one, coz eng players dont last long in spain. They get butchered, it aint for them, the style the pace, but becks fit right in. Esp with the mates like roberto carlos there too. He have conquered the world, next is USA, if anybody can do, he can. Football rocks my world, let it rock the world.


Look at the number of fans, what a sight.


What a father’s day it turn out to be for becks!! Not only did he won the title with his last match for real, he got his sons to celebrate with him. of course he also, got his wife, friends tom cruise and katie holmes at the stands cheering home. You’ll find the pics all over the net, not posting them here though.

and before i go back to another football sections of winners, i like to say PAUL POTTS, the opera guy, WON Britain Got Talent!! Way the go!!

here is his winning semi final performance,

Connie Final perfomance

This song should be her signature song….

I LOVE LOVE HER!!! You can not watch any of my videos i’ve posted, bUT THIS IS A MUST SEE!!
Such a beautiful voice, and a lovely and adorable angel, it’s only right for me to spread this ard.

It would be marvellous if she won. She should have won.

back to football,

Liverpool Stars of the season, in their position, voted by fans.

Best Goalie,

Pepe Reina (of course, DUH!!)

Best Defender,

Jamie Carragaher (Double DUH!)

2nd. Finan 3rd. Agger (yey, well done)

Best Midfielder,

Steven Gerrard

Best Striker,

Peter Crouch

Another brillaint talent from britain, a young (real young) street dance (the audition)

I agre with amanda, love his smile. The way he could speak abt his financial problems at home and him providing for himself shown so much maturity. I have a soft spot for him. BRILLANT dancer

I love music, and football.


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I was so nervous for dear melinda, i dont care that the 3 girls in the top 4 are “fat”. This is a fucking TALENT SHOW moron, at least i am very satisfied that the top 4 are all deserving and hugely talented. i was right, wasnt i ?? i bet that Jordin and Blake to be in the final 2???!!!! Even though i bet otherwise, My heart wants Melinda to go through to the final, though a part of my senses have a feeling that she wont.


This girl showcase the best vocal perfomrmer in the show history and with someone who has such a humble personality… Just Love her! I really dont care that she is not commercially beautiful or sellable. The music industry is just crashing down, When Melinda comes out with an album ( waiting oh so patiently..), I will buy it! No Downloads!!!! I will go out and buy the album, i will stay behind her!! She is just an inspiration, and if i could have her to sing at my 21st birthday, graduation, wedding, baby showers, funeral etc, any one of those, if only i could just have just a slight brush over the a musical genius.

I was totally shedding slight tears, my dad was shocked (i wasnt). I cant believe that this is the last time i’ll watch her performing for a long time…. hey wait!! She’ll be performing at the finals!!! YEY!!!!! Simon was shocked too, and he was visibly upset that she wasnt through. Smart guy , he knew she wouldnt make it when they said Jordin went through… he dramtically “collapsed” on his table.

Winning may not be the best path, i am really happy that i could witness the birth of a brilliant singer in my time, since aretha franklin, MC and etc. SHe is such a true performer…

I love her, and blake and Jordin, that would be an interseting final. I will definitely follow up on this melinda, blake and jordin after AI is done. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!

Random things abt the show:

ELLIOT YAMIN: he looks freakly different, teeth was obviously done. I need to do that, braces is definitely not enough.

Marron 5: Adam is so hot… a little gayish skiny, but HOT.


i think this entry looks distorted and not organise… i’m half awake
There… thats was my reason. Give or take.

Athens 07

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Man Utd OUT!

I didnt mean to rub at ur face Nurul dear, i kinda expected MAn Utd go all out to win at AC Milan since the Champions League is one throphy they cant seems to get much of. But obviously, i didnt want Man utd to go through to the finals.

1. Who wants a rival to procede to the finals?
2. Man Utd would be a tough team to beat, in liverpool’s POV since they do know us pretty well. So i wouldnt be too confident if we were to meet Man Utd.

But i did for one of my besties sake, i really did want her to be happy for her birthday.

Hey there is still the league title, i’m congratulating Man Utd (in advance) for a solid performance in the whole season and their EPL victory, Cristiano Ronaldo for reaching higher level in terms of skills in this season, reaching maturity and putting the awful “winking” incident behind. WIll be rooting for u (if i’m not rooting for Eng) in the Euro’s. Cant wait for that!

So just for my girl, i would not put any picture of their bad performance, and i heard alot of “rough” football played and the diving.

Liverpool are not afraid of the diving, but how do we stop KAKA??????????

In American Idol News…..

Elimination of Two Idol Wannabes

Phil Stacey went off….. not at all shocking


What ironic abt this is that he was starting to give fantastic performance… and he got booted out. In my opinion, he should be booted out weeks ago.


Chris Robinson


(Right: Chris)

Oh man… no more eye candy, i knew he’ll be off ard this stage. Didnt thought he go off sooner that Lakisha. Laskisha is a change women, he is more jovial and friendly now… Hmmm, i think she has a good strategy. ANd Melinda must be sad, since she and chris looks real close.

I was almost afraid my bet was turnig out untrue, when jordin is gave a so-so performance after being ALMOST elimated last week. Thank go she is still ard, now its 3 girls and a Blake. =)

I cant wait to tell my dad who was booted out…..


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” forget abt getting someone to dig it out of me, i’m here…try for once to ask, previous times u nvr did. Dont fuck it, let her be.”

I’m so in love with My Chemical Romance…. what is there not to like them???

So i just want to promote them, and my fav songs. And reveal their upcoming new single.

My fav songs in the whole album…


Live at the house of blues, taken way back when they just release their album i think.
I guess the get up is a promotional strategy for their album and the videos. Love the uniform, i want their jackets!

i love love love the song! Even though it sounds sad at all, ts my pick me up song for the time being.

Do we all go to hell? Does it even matter? Honestly, if anyone restrict themselves for doing anything in fear of going to hell. I honestly dont think its a good enough reason. You gotta see beyond that, and look at the consequences, esp for others. Ok, enough of the preaching.

Another wonder of a song

House of Wolves

I love them performing live (AOL sessions), gerrard have an absolutely amazing presence on stage and a real solid vocals.

Their upcoming single ( if i’m not wrong is teenagers)

I’m anxiously waiting for their new vid, their videos are always interesting!


Not bad of a song!!

The Lyrics is real cool too…

They’re gonna clean up your looks
With all the lies in the books
To make a citizen out of you
Because they sleep with a gun
And keep an eye on you, son
So they can watch all the things you do

(This part does relate to our all so “wonderful” Singapore)

The boys and girls in the clique
The awful names that they stick
You’re never gonna fit in much, kid
But if you’re troubled and hurt
What you got under your shirt
Will make them pay for the things that they did

Hmmm… maybe the korean viginia tech guy took this para too seriously..


Mama, we all go to hell.
Mama, we all go to hell.
I’m writing this letter and wishing you well,
Mama, we all go to hell.

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