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Toony Liverpoold players, just brightens up my day!=D

one and only

I think the best pictures of reina are of him smilling coz i think it truly reflects his personality. The locker room joker.

Look at those “Chopstick” legs. It can totally pull of the cigarette leg look, surely the envy of girls!

I miss him. so much.



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Before i go to that…. i just need to have a short rant

Being the queen of Sore Eyes, i thought i have my fair share of real bad irritation… Boy was i wrong, the first day i got puss that oozes out of my cornea, never had that before. The next day, sore/red right eye. Thank god, it didnt affect both eyes, like my brother who brought it home, his eyes were like bloodshot. So this is a virus that has been going around, and now everyone of my family is affected no matter how they tried to avoid it. So take care, and i absolutely apologise if i infected anyone.. guess i’m still stubborn on skipping sch…

Right at this moment, i feel so much better, my redness and irritation has subsided, my high fever has also went down, so has the extremely bad headache… Hooray! I sweated the fever out, while watching a repeat telecast of the Eng Vs Toga ruby match, right after the F1 qualifiers, two McClaren on top followed by the Ferrari…. Excitement over sport helps! ok, its more like i had blanket on in the hot afternoon, it helps that i was sitting near the sun shone in… and if u think of asking me if is there any thing on the sport channel i dont watch??

Obviously.. golf.. snooze-able =)

Back to my fav sport to watch, The ranked world class players, do you agree??

Top 6

1. Kaka
2. Cristiano Ronaldo
3. Ronaldinho
4. Thierry Henry
5. Lionel Messi
6. Steven Gerrard

To know the rest of the list, check out Four Four Two Oct magazine….

I’m glad that stevie G is high up on the list, thankfully and gratefully that his skills has been recognise. Of course in my heart he is numero uno, i do agree with the top 6, not this particular order too. I will push Stevie slighty higher.. here is my shuffle of the above players

Liverpool Duddette’s Pick

1. kaka
2.Thierry Henry (To matter what, he is my ultimate striker. He is a legend to me)
3. Steven Gerrard ( he is my fav, world class wise, he is getting there)
4. Lionel Messi
5. Cristiano Ronaldo
6. Ronaldinho (I am not a big fan of toothy grin, i mean he is an fantastic striker. But tricks doesnt capture my attention, i’m not into flamboyant techniques that he or CR does. I just prefer plain old strikers with excellent judement, pace, timliness etc, that’s why henry is near the pinnacle.)

If you do not agree with me,all i can say “to each his own”

Also after hitting the treble at the Royals, FT is ranked 34, Masherano 94 and Jamie Carragher 97

Fernando Torres’s Pick

1. Steven Gerrard (awww…. respect to the capt)
2. Kaka
3. Ronaldinho
4. Wayne Rooney
5. Thierry Henry

Steven Gerrard’s Pick

1. Kaka
2. Lionel Messi
3. Thierry Henry
4. Cristiano Ronaldo
5. Ronaldinho

Who is ur pick of top 5 or 6… try not to let biasness affect you list!

Take care, drink lots of water

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I’m tired, trying to memorise my Customer Relationship Management Notes, which D-Day is tml. haiz, need my slp and i really have no boody mood to blog much. So i’ll just have pictures of my featured player

Florent Sinama Pongolle has permantly left Liverpool,

He scored a fare share of goals for liverpool, and important ones too. I dun think i’ll miss him, as he has not been playing for liverpool for quite some time (on loan). what i’ll miss though is whenever he comes on the pitch (usually sub in), my dad and sometimes i’ll join in shouting “SINAMA PONGOLLE” with our hands up.

Why this crazy behaviour, this is just a lame joke my dad came up with.

“Sinama” is aunt in Tamil in the Same pronounciation.
“Pongolle” sounds like Pungool, a town in singapore.

Add this two = My xiao yi ( My mom youngest sister aka Aunt). Still dont get it? Haha she lives in pungool. SO whenever Flo scores, my dad would say “hey ur sis not bad ah, can score goals” totally make her blur.

Haha, ok this is like so lame, only a daughter will ever enjoy her daddy dearest cold jokes. =)

Player Featured today?

John Terry


Poor guy, season is starting and he is off injured.


I hope he doesnt have another similar sad moment.

If Liverpool cant Win the EPL, i really dont mind chelsea. I think i’m rooting for Arsenal more than the blues as there a hot headed guys like Drogba, Robben that i absolutely DISLIKE.

But hey, in a brighter side. RObben may be transferred out. YEY for me, YEY for English Footballer, SUCH a disgusting and doesnt showcase sportmanship. HE should just quit football and pursue is REAL dream …………. ACTING!

I love love JT even more than Frank, i think he is a world class defender, excellent Leader, and a good man! I hope he have an excellent season so he could come to the EURO with confidence.



A Simpson Version of JT:


At least is better than Sende’s attemp =p


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The priemership is round the corner, this weekend in fact. Hooray!!! I didnt really missed as much bcoz it feels that the break went by real fast. Maybe because i was so absorbed in my projects that i forgot to miss my football.

So with the to built up to the highly anticipated EPL matches this weekend, i’ll feature some of my fav footballers in the current epl line up, it may not be entirely from Liverpool. Just briefly talk about them, share some interesting pictures, including a picture of a simpson version of them.

So today, i’ll feature Crouchie and Senderos

Firstly, Crouchy. Liverpool.

Latest news on Crouchy: No more Robot Dance

robo crouch

So sad, there will be no appearance by robo crouch. The Article accompanying this :


Peter Crouch insists his famous robot dance will never be seen again – unless he scores in the Champions League final.
The striker first unveiled his quirky goal celebration after scoring for England against Hungary in May 2006.

It followed a pact with teammate Jamie Carragher, who saw the big man strut his stuff at one of David Beckham’s parties.

But now, despite frequent requests, Crouch is keen to put the dance to bed.

He said: “I feel like Ricky Gervais must with everyone going, ‘Go on, do the Brent dance’.

“From now on, special occasions only. If I score a goal in the Champions League final, then I’ll pull it out again.”

So lets wait for the next champions league final……


Since the departure of bellamy, will crouchy partner kuyt or would rafa pair him with Torres. Or would he be trying the lone striker role. Nah… not the lone striker role, rafa never likes a having a solo stiker but with the arrival of Torress…. who knows.

I think a kuyt and Crouch partnership would be good.


He had a good season, for both club and national. Esp after he broke his nose, a hat-trick against arsenal, a feat worthy to brag about and to throw at all the haters’ faces. I have full confidence in him, he’ll do well especially of the fact that he has to fight for his face. What crouchy does best is to PROVE others WRONG.

Team Crouchy!

Here is the Before Picture….


And the after, i did two slightly different ones.

First one…

The yellowish version….ok so the above picture Crouchy had a scruff look (which looks good on him), so i gave him one. haha


He looks so cheeky. HAha, i couldnt find any scruffy looks w/o any of the cheeky smile.


Which is Better???

Next. Phillippe Senderos. Arsenal.

I like this dude, he really powerful defender, always reliable and there. But after he came back from the World Cup from an injury (dislocated shoulder). I hope this is the season of him, fighting back for his first team place and returning back to his old form or if not even better! I’m rooting and waiting for his comeback!! He is only 22 years old, there is alot more where that came from. Go go SENDE!


His injury… got it while scoring a goal for his swiss side

kiss fab

A former flat mate of Cesc Fabregas. such a “awwww” moment. Both are my fav young players in Arsenal.

fav players in Arsenal: Henry (haiz my hero/ legend gone), bergkamp (retired), Lunjburg (still yet to master the spelling of his name)



After Simpsonise:


an fail attempt………. does not remotely look like him. I think i did a bette job with crouchy.

Hope u enjoy,
there’s more to come..


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