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You Appalled Me

I really cant imagine that the person i used to be close with, is now a stranger to me. I honestly cant stand how some people just play victim instead of owning the situation…. and especially when it’s an old friendship that is on the line.

I dont care how i’ve been hurt, but looking on at how this hurt my other friend, just makes me mad. I’m not saying this person is all at fault, it takes two to tango. But seriously wont anyone would care enough to work things out with their (ex) best frens, or at least give a dignified farewell?

I am just appalled and disappointed of her behaviour, i just see cowardice. We just need to get over you, and move on.

At the end of the day, i should count my blessing i still have my 3 besties by my side.


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Before i go to that…. i just need to have a short rant

Being the queen of Sore Eyes, i thought i have my fair share of real bad irritation… Boy was i wrong, the first day i got puss that oozes out of my cornea, never had that before. The next day, sore/red right eye. Thank god, it didnt affect both eyes, like my brother who brought it home, his eyes were like bloodshot. So this is a virus that has been going around, and now everyone of my family is affected no matter how they tried to avoid it. So take care, and i absolutely apologise if i infected anyone.. guess i’m still stubborn on skipping sch…

Right at this moment, i feel so much better, my redness and irritation has subsided, my high fever has also went down, so has the extremely bad headache… Hooray! I sweated the fever out, while watching a repeat telecast of the Eng Vs Toga ruby match, right after the F1 qualifiers, two McClaren on top followed by the Ferrari…. Excitement over sport helps! ok, its more like i had blanket on in the hot afternoon, it helps that i was sitting near the sun shone in… and if u think of asking me if is there any thing on the sport channel i dont watch??

Obviously.. golf.. snooze-able =)

Back to my fav sport to watch, The ranked world class players, do you agree??

Top 6

1. Kaka
2. Cristiano Ronaldo
3. Ronaldinho
4. Thierry Henry
5. Lionel Messi
6. Steven Gerrard

To know the rest of the list, check out Four Four Two Oct magazine….

I’m glad that stevie G is high up on the list, thankfully and gratefully that his skills has been recognise. Of course in my heart he is numero uno, i do agree with the top 6, not this particular order too. I will push Stevie slighty higher.. here is my shuffle of the above players

Liverpool Duddette’s Pick

1. kaka
2.Thierry Henry (To matter what, he is my ultimate striker. He is a legend to me)
3. Steven Gerrard ( he is my fav, world class wise, he is getting there)
4. Lionel Messi
5. Cristiano Ronaldo
6. Ronaldinho (I am not a big fan of toothy grin, i mean he is an fantastic striker. But tricks doesnt capture my attention, i’m not into flamboyant techniques that he or CR does. I just prefer plain old strikers with excellent judement, pace, timliness etc, that’s why henry is near the pinnacle.)

If you do not agree with me,all i can say “to each his own”

Also after hitting the treble at the Royals, FT is ranked 34, Masherano 94 and Jamie Carragher 97

Fernando Torres’s Pick

1. Steven Gerrard (awww…. respect to the capt)
2. Kaka
3. Ronaldinho
4. Wayne Rooney
5. Thierry Henry

Steven Gerrard’s Pick

1. Kaka
2. Lionel Messi
3. Thierry Henry
4. Cristiano Ronaldo
5. Ronaldinho

Who is ur pick of top 5 or 6… try not to let biasness affect you list!

Take care, drink lots of water

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The only defeat in a final after the french open. Roger Federer is HUMAN after all….


I have nothing against Federer, but Djokovic winning the cup is bloody awesome. Didnt watch the match though =(

Here are just some pictures


More Serbian HOtness


I am so looking for a repeated telecast of the match. MUST BE AN AWESOME MATCH.


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PSV 0 Liverpool 3

Can u even believe it…. liverpool started out slow but got their pace after gerrard headed in the first goal ( brilliant pass by finan!!)… thank god for stevie!


The winning team….

I wasnt sure if i was surprise that crouchie was called up. Bellamy is an obvious choice for pace in europe even though crouchie was just fresh from his homcoming triple triumph. Of course crouchie did scored against psv before… Only the genius of rafa would figure out the right tactics against any team.


Capt. Wonder, broke legend ian Rush’s record goals in a champion league, 15 goals during Liverpool’s 50th champions league match . And he is all embrassed…

I’m a bit embarrassed to be honest,” he said. “He is someone I’ve watched as a kid and I never dreamt I’d break one of his records. I don’t think I’ll be breaking any of his other ones.

Lets not be complacent now….


Words from the great man himself ( stevie duh!):

We can’t think about that just yet,” he said. “There’s still work to be done in this tie and we have to make sure we’re professional at Anfield next week and finish the job off. There’s still 90 minutes to play.

hear! hear!

I spent most of my day staring at lappy, working on the video for my beloved grandma. Honestly, she is the only grandparent me or my bros are close to. She brought me up, we stayed with us till i’m 13. She is my roommate, and she cover up for me from my parents countless times. I cant remember the last time she nag at me, unlike my maternal grandma. Our last holiday together was brilliant, sharing a room with another cuz seems like a girls slumber party. I love her soooo much, i’m planning a perfect present(s) for her… pls god let her live long and let her stay healthy.

I’m still fresh from Linkin Park;s brillaint song…

Another song which is real good, and damn sentimental.Its being played on elimination night…

Its Home by Daughtry

i’m not a fan of him, didnt really follow the previous AI season, wasnt into soul patrol or have mcphee fever.

But this season, i cant miss it EVER! My dad watches AI together, another father and daughter routine.

My fav contestant, and i think his too…

Melinda Doolittle!! She is brilliant singer and such modesty and personality! Whoo! I remember her audition very well, my dad stood up and clapped for her.

This is my fav performance from her… “I’m a Woman”

Lakisha has a “big-old voice” in randy’s words, she a little lacking of pesonality. Sometimes u feel she is too divaish. Who cares, she’s still her fantastic singer. She needs to bring her game every week like melinda. This is my Fav performance from her ( i believe my dad missed this!), its a jennifer hudson dreamgirls song. Brilliant!

Love all the other girls, but not haylie. The boys…. i love Chris and blake!


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Chee Leng =)!

I’m here to announce that i LOVE CheeLeng, not of the fact that because of her i may have a glimpse of a chance to be in the same class with Clarice and Yeejie. But it was due to the fact that she was willing to give up her place where most of our previous classmates are in, not only that she initiated the idea. She asked me for a transfer, OH MY GOD, i would never dream of anyone doing that for me. Basically she is an extremely big hearted girl and just have very rare yet charming personality. Love her to bits.

I have no hopes for me to get to 04 class at all, was hestitating, even when i was at the office with her. Making sure this is what SHE wanted, and she said ya, and logically explained that we have nothing to lose. What’s made matters worse is that the Director of the School of Business came over and ask of our reasons on requesting of transferring of class. It play the idea down, clearly it was really keen on our reason, and most definitely stated clearly that he werent do that if he were our shoes. And said it was all up to Mr Lee the person in charge of this matter.

The downside is that, we were only know the sucesss of our appeal after one week of schooling with the class assigned to u. Boy, they dun make it easy do they. however, CheeLeng gt a call this afternoon that a appeal was unsuccessful and she had collect some stuff on fri. Wonder what that is. I have receive no such call.

Well, my hopes are still low. But just wanna say its nice to have such a brilliant friend. And i’m kinda ready to have new classmates with WeiLing!


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Kebab delight

The villa game was stale, BORING. Not much of anything to talk about.

Rafa said that the only gd thing that came out the game was a point, i begged to differ. He forgt one thing, GERRARD is injury-free!


5 mins before half time, gerrard was seen holding his right hip. He missed one play, but thank god he ran it off. HENG!
Not only did liverpool fan gasp when they saw him hesitating, but England fans too. Thank god, Rafa took him off the field at 3th 1/4 of the game.

Oh and another thing, Arsenal lost to Everton. Thank god too, i prefer 3rd place than 4th y’all. But did u see the hail, they had to play through the last 5 to 8 mns of the game? Isnt that cool, hail in Liverpool. I know its common, but hey give me a break here, Singapore only has surplus of sunshine not forgetting the humid environment and pouring rain.

* For those who are clueless of what a hail is : Its a raining of small balls of ice in simple terms.*


Alll Hail Alan Johnson! The scorer of the injurytime goal, hope he help produce greatness for England.

Anyways was bored and so i went to youtube, my daily vitamin. And i found a video about Hilary’s dream, she wants to know how to make kebab. I LOVE kebab, i remember eating it in sch when they were having a bazar. DeliCIOUS. Picture jamie oliver reaction when he taste good food, its that times 10! *drooling*

Hilary has good taste!

I am so craving for it, the kebab sandwhich is delicious (better than the Ramily Burger,seriously!). IF i’m not wrong its a new addition of the pasar malam (night market) family. So anyone know where there is any pasar malam goin on tell me, if its in tampines then dun bother.haha I HAVE to live in an area without any pasar malam darn it,Pasar malam’s food is amazingly delicious yet unhealthy and sinful.

In my opinion, any tourist of any destination should visit night markets for great local delights and goods, and to be the heart of the country and in the mist with the locals. So Candy go try all the food in Hong Kong, thats the one thing i can remember abt hongkong is the food. Yummy!! I never had a bad meal there, enjoy dear.


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The reson why is the sudden increase of ppl wanting to read this blog recently is that they want to know my results,option and class, right biatches? I am so not going reveal my gpa, average though. I got to Banking, and i’m DBF 01, happy?!

Clearly trying to clean this act up, and brush away emotions. Which also may be lacking in this entire blog, hmmm, maybe i should be call a robot instead of V.becks.

On a lighter note, watching ugly betty really lifts ur spirits, not forgetting hiro. but whats better than America and masi oka? That is to watch a legend, a person that means so much to your history. I’m not referring to Singapore’s history (blah), though it would be awesome to see sir stamford raffles, not in ghost form of course. Who am i talking about? Well first of all, if u dun like me blogging abt football/soccer i say GET THE HELL OUT! Good Riddance.

The person i’m talking about, is not only on TV (cable that is), he is right here in Singapore soil, breathing the same air, in this stinking weather, enduring singaporean lack of any curteousy, watching singaporeans displaying kiasu behaviour as in observing the orang utans in the Zoo. HE is here, IAN RUSH IS here in SINGAPORE. the whole time i was just staring at him sharing his football expertise in the sports studio with my jaw hangin. I wasnt even listening, all i could think off is RUSH is here, he is here, OH MY god he is here, he is HEERREEEEEEEEEEE!

Then i started singing, a clip of a liverpool chant.

rush scored 1, rush scored 2 …….
All u need is rush, rush, rush is all u need.

All things liverpool is what i need! I’m keeping it that way.till my grave, hope not too soon. i think.

Ian James Rush MBE


All Hail King Rush!

Won the EPL 5 times, Fa cup 3, First division 5,Champions League 1, a few charity shield. And many more….Amazing feat for one player, rush’s time was the pinnacle of our success and history, and of course the most recent. He help made anfield such a historic place. He is bloody brilliant, he has MBE (Most Excellent Order of the Bristish Empire), Steven Gerrard has the same honour recently.

OMG he is in our island… still.

Ok, another thing i really want to say this in long time, FUCK YOU.. ALL of YOU!

that felt good, i thoroughly enjoyed it.

So leave without commenting as usual,

till old, more cheery me is back….


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