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Stale Reds

We drew with Arsenal! It wasnt a bad match, wasnt a good either. And i was actually expecting the worst — a lost. So when we scored early, i was shocked and there was a slight relieve yet i HATE early goals.. that would be another post. I would be happy with a draw, but i am not. Not when the goal was a horrible GK mistake, and cesc would have added another one if wasnt for cesc bad judgement in his kick.

One thing for sure Crouchy needs a hell lot more field time,he proved his importance when he was subbed in after Torres left injured. Rafa needs to stop benching Crouchy, he doesnt need to start him just let him play more frequently, he not only damn right deserve it but it does benefit the team.


He was fucking brilliant during arsenal match, well now FT is injured it would be refreshing to see him more often. YEY.

People always speculate abt the departure of Crouchy, i do not think that Liverpool would sell him at all. This tall fellow gives us an added edge, he makes a difference once he is on field, with and without scoring goals.


DA MAN! so what he is a gunner, i always knew he would be a precious gem to football. I cant say this enough before the rest of the world. Around 2003-4, i realised his potential and now woah he is making a name for himself. Love it.. GOOO Cesc!

Last nights match, Against Cardiff City. The return of GOD.

Liverpool won 2 goals to one… i didnt get to watch the match at all. so i cant comment on the performance… but i’m really glad for the Return of GOD!!



Shit i really wanted to watch this match… haiz… Next match.. Rovers here we come!



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Tonight is the night, the early titans clash between Liverpool VS Chelsea…. This whole match would be bloody nerve wrecking for me, i am not exactly very worried about Chelsea scoring, maybe Drogba who have the knack in scoring against us. But i am absolutely confident in my back 4, which i think will be Finan, Carra, Agger and Arbelo, they usually bring their A-game to MAJOR match like this.

But i am concern on our ability to score, i’m sure that there will PLENTY of chances created by my reds but will they FINISH? Can Babel, and Torres step up to the plate with their Anfield Debut. It must be pressurising to debut in such magnifiying match! I think this time for FT to shine, since a Avid Liverpool Supporter (just like me heee) with the Kop cheering at him and listening to the YNWA that will definitely boost him up!!

Torres Cant Wait for Anfield Debut


The Spanish ace feels it will be a special occasion for him and the team in the Reds first home game of the season.

“Last Saturday was my Barclays Premier League debut and we came away with the win, on Wednesday it was the Champions League and we also won, and on Sunday I will walk out at Anfield for the first time to play a match,” said Torres.

“Everybody tells me that until I listen to ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ inside our stadium it’s as if i’ve never really heard it properly, and I can’t wait to hear it.”
he striker added the prospect of playing in the Champions League with Liverpool excites him, but he readily accepts the main priority of the players is a push for the Barclays Premier League title.

“The Champions League is the lucky competition for Liverpool and it’s a tradition,” added the Reds number nine.

“But it’s curious that I come here thinking about the Champions League because it’s a special competition for me but in the team everybody is thinking about the Barclays Premier League.

“It must be because many of them won at Istanbul but they’ve never won the league. By the way, neither have I. The club hasn’t done it for 17 years and here everyone believes this could be the year.”

ANyways, the last time the Chelsea visit us, we beat them 2-0. A repeat tonight???!!!

Let just wait and see…

On other news,

Liverpoolfc.tv has released a video of the Owners Hicks and Gillette talking about the new stadium, all my apprehensiveness has just vanished. It feels really good that their main concern on building the new stadium is the KOp, trying to keep the tradition and the terror of Kop retain and more terrifying. It really wonderful that everything is built around the Kop. The Kop will be a very steep area — 18 to 20 thousand ppl at that end! Furthermore, everyones knows that the liverpool supporters are a loud bunch, they are working on sound engineers to have all sound bounce off the walls, amplifying the sound back to the PITCH. HOW FREAKING CCOOOOOOOOLL is that!!!!!!! =)

If you are interested in know more, watch the video


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The Final Farewell

Lost the long entry i have wrote on the light of my final farewell to grandfather. So this is what the lost entry contains.. only shorten.

Firstly, even though its only the 2nd day after the funeral, i think grandfather would want us to continue our lives. So after this entry i will continue updating the blog on soccer news and so on.

The funeral was painful as expected, watching my family drowning their sorrows, my grandmother losing control of her emotions, my last glance of my grandfather and watching the coffin going to cremate. I plead with God to spare my family another day like this anytime soon. I really cant take anymore.

On sunday, i’ll attend a Christian service ( my grandparents’s and half of my family’s religion”, it would continue giving me a new light of the religion. Though i’ll still stick to mine.

Anyone who knows me, shoul noe that i am not a relgious person, but these are the few values that i believe:

1. I believe in God
2. I do not believe in naming him in every thought, in every sentence, in every medium. He Knows, i know, that is sufficient.
3. I believe in Karma, the bigger the mistake, though longer but it will be a larger impact.
4. I believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason,we all have a path.

I would like to extend my gratefulness to :

My paternal family: thanks for attending my maternal grandparents funeral. It was a really sweet gesture and i really do appreciate it. Sry for not socialsing much.

My Classmates: Thanks for all the concern and understanding of my absense in project work. In particular, MEL for the hug, Wei Ling for her concern, Shernel for her openess of her heart. Thanks to Pau for her concern,understanding and tolerating my *abnormal* behaviour. Thanks to Winston, Peok and Gris for their constant understanding, and GRIS for her well wishes! And i really do appreciate the rest of the condolences. And of course those who who do not know what has happen, thanks for bringing me smiles and laughter EVERY DAY.

NURUL: Thanks thanks thanks, i know i should reply in another platform, but since i’m here. =) I love you babes, thanks for being there for me. *hugs* and Kisses* and i miss you.

* this will be the last entry i will talk about god*

RIP Ah Gong,
God Bless Ah Gong,
Wo Ai Ni

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Chelsea won!!!!!

I’m so late in blogging abt this, since i was super busy being sick. Dont even get me started, esp on the timing!

There really is nothing much to blog abt the match, because its an utterly stale match. Even the trophy presentation is a little bore. So here are some picture, that I feel that is interesting.

First Half : Total no go…
2nd half: Man Utd started to stand out and attack.

But the Giggs goal, is not a goal. Mr Giggs, Push the ball behind the fucking line, good call ref (lucky but good).

Extra Time, a little more exciting.

First of all, i like to state who in the utd team i feel remorse for their lost. Others…. Nah! =)


Ronaldo, of course.


Rooney, years ago. i dont have any liking to this guy. Now i have a slight soft spot for this. Lets hope he can deliver for Euro.


How can i miss scholes and smudge, This is two are my fav in the squad. I remember i was distraught that scholes retired from national duty and smith had his foot broken (facing hong kong) in anfield… accident of course.


The good national Caption comforting poor rooney….


Chelsea first Fa Cup win under Jose rule…
I like Jose, i know (WHAAATT!!). Ok, he has some ego and name bashing, what ever character flaw he has.
But that will never take away that he is a brilliant coach, 6 trophies in 3 years.

Of course my no 1 coach is RAFA. Mr Genius.


Drinks all ard!

Its time to feature two of my fav chelsea players (beside J &A Cole,Cech)


Aww… best buds. Their are like a blue version of Stevie and Carra.



This is the part that a true lady football fan brings to football, sensitivity to the players. not psycho, but ya. I just love to see pictures like that, modern football has not become an egoistic playground but a ground that not only develops professional partnership and strong bonding.

I do hope that this two decides to stay on…..


A grp photo, such joy. How wish i can see this on thurs with my reds, whatever it is i’m damn proud of them and thankful for another final. Champions League, did we mention we won it 5 times and still hungry for more. =)

Off to athens


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Ok, so not a very magnificant performance by my reds, but solid one. Key players were rested such as Gerrard, Carragher. Hyypia came back to first team status for the match and with the captain armband too. First time, hyypia partnering agger ( the fellow who took his 1st team place). good partnership, but sry sami carra and agger is just bloody perfect. Just like thoes days when sami (hyypia) and jamie (carra) had a flawless partnership.

oops hyypia is cut off…

Another plus for this match is God came out to play, he usually hardly get a chance to play in euro games let alone domestic ones thsi season. Though he came out beacuse of an injury, See i was RIGHT, they will be casualties….


pray that it wont be too serious


Good Ol’ Crouchie, never thought he would be so reliable. Its going to be a good year for him.


this guy is just brilliant and he is so young (in football terms of course)…
I think i’m getting to be a huge daniel agger fan, i’ll never forget Gerrard. But this guy is the future of Liverpool. I guess he is not one for interviews or media, so he is a fan nightmare. very few pictures or info of him.

I here to declare, because i did not do it for Cesc Fabregas who i kept an eye on before he gt real famous and popluar with girls. So i am saying I spotted Daniel Agger from the day he arrive Liverpool, and liked him for his brilliant centre back skills and his attiude towards football. Of course his looks is an added bonus.

One day he’ll get notice by the media, by he is notice by the liverpool fans, highly regarded by us. I think that’s all that matters.


ps: yey, haley is out of American idol.!I knew she realised at top12 that one thing she had to do EVERY week is dress sexily as possible, Simon is right (90% always right), the only way she could survive was to wear as little clothes as possible. Finally, she’s off!!

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