Before i go to that…. i just need to have a short rant

Being the queen of Sore Eyes, i thought i have my fair share of real bad irritation… Boy was i wrong, the first day i got puss that oozes out of my cornea, never had that before. The next day, sore/red right eye. Thank god, it didnt affect both eyes, like my brother who brought it home, his eyes were like bloodshot. So this is a virus that has been going around, and now everyone of my family is affected no matter how they tried to avoid it. So take care, and i absolutely apologise if i infected anyone.. guess i’m still stubborn on skipping sch…

Right at this moment, i feel so much better, my redness and irritation has subsided, my high fever has also went down, so has the extremely bad headache… Hooray! I sweated the fever out, while watching a repeat telecast of the Eng Vs Toga ruby match, right after the F1 qualifiers, two McClaren on top followed by the Ferrari…. Excitement over sport helps! ok, its more like i had blanket on in the hot afternoon, it helps that i was sitting near the sun shone in… and if u think of asking me if is there any thing on the sport channel i dont watch??

Obviously.. golf.. snooze-able =)

Back to my fav sport to watch, The ranked world class players, do you agree??

Top 6

1. Kaka
2. Cristiano Ronaldo
3. Ronaldinho
4. Thierry Henry
5. Lionel Messi
6. Steven Gerrard

To know the rest of the list, check out Four Four Two Oct magazine….

I’m glad that stevie G is high up on the list, thankfully and gratefully that his skills has been recognise. Of course in my heart he is numero uno, i do agree with the top 6, not this particular order too. I will push Stevie slighty higher.. here is my shuffle of the above players

Liverpool Duddette’s Pick

1. kaka
2.Thierry Henry (To matter what, he is my ultimate striker. He is a legend to me)
3. Steven Gerrard ( he is my fav, world class wise, he is getting there)
4. Lionel Messi
5. Cristiano Ronaldo
6. Ronaldinho (I am not a big fan of toothy grin, i mean he is an fantastic striker. But tricks doesnt capture my attention, i’m not into flamboyant techniques that he or CR does. I just prefer plain old strikers with excellent judement, pace, timliness etc, that’s why henry is near the pinnacle.)

If you do not agree with me,all i can say “to each his own”

Also after hitting the treble at the Royals, FT is ranked 34, Masherano 94 and Jamie Carragher 97

Fernando Torres’s Pick

1. Steven Gerrard (awww…. respect to the capt)
2. Kaka
3. Ronaldinho
4. Wayne Rooney
5. Thierry Henry

Steven Gerrard’s Pick

1. Kaka
2. Lionel Messi
3. Thierry Henry
4. Cristiano Ronaldo
5. Ronaldinho

Who is ur pick of top 5 or 6… try not to let biasness affect you list!

Take care, drink lots of water


CL opening match was a “phew, thank god the floodgates didnt open”, we were lucky to come out of that match a draw. Not a match i like to talk about, so just read abt the match from another fan’s view, Red Cauldron, who is also the blog that made me stumble across this cute and funny video (below) of the Special one

And Jose mourinho is to leave Chelsea, i will kinda miss him. No matter what anyone says, this arrogant bustard is one hell of a coach/manager. He is one of the best, he would be more acclaimed if he doesnt knows is abilities and gloat about it. The english league would miss ya jose, well only when there is lack of good mangerial decisions, so i guess probably a maybe 2% of the time.

Speaking of chelsea, i had one entry fully dedicated to hilarious videos of chelsea, well manly John Terry.. i realise it would be fucking awesome to have more entries like that…

Therefore, for this entry it would be the one and only MCFLY… They have tons and tons of videos of them out there, so i’ll pick a few favourites from the small sum that i’ve seen… I’ll hope u’ll enjoy it, i think u will be it u’re a mcfly or not.

Selected funny moments

Harry and dougie gets married

Dougie trying to put contacts on…

Its quite funny, esp since he eyes was close. at the end of the vid, would be harry wrestling spiderman.. u can totally skip that part.

Mcfly friendship put to the test

Poor danny, he looks so disappointed

Danny bad boy chat


This is really hilarious, poor harry….

Funny interview

I’m hoping for the best for tonight’s match with the wounds of euro disappointment still fresh and the injury woes of star centre back Daniel agger and Pass Master Xabi Alonso…



Owen is finally fully recoved?


I really hope so, i mean he netted in for his clu before reported for national duty

The return of the famous partnership, ex reds Michael Owen and Heskey?


What’s for sure, heskey presence up front does shake things up… i’m eating my words up now

The arrival of Gareth Barry in the squad?

gareth barry

i think so…

The Absense of Frank Lampard or should i say the absense of steven gerrard and frank lampard pairing in the middle??

Or the absense of Peter Crouch?


I dont think so!!!!

Who do you think? but i’m so happy that the english league is BACK! yey… CLUB glory!


i’m so bored, didnt receive the oh so important call…

First of all, The winners of vma 07

Monster Single of the Year: Rihanna ft JayZ – Umbrella

Quadruple Threat of the Year: Justin Timberlake

Best Collaboration Winner: Beyonce and Shakira

Male Artist of the Year: Justin Timberlake

Female Artist of the Year: Fergie

Best Group: Fall Out Boy

Best new artist: Gym Class Heroes

Video of the Year: Rihanna ft JayZ – Umbrella

Best Choreography: Justin Timerlake: My Love

Best Direction: Justin Timberlake: What goes around, Comes Around

Best EditingL Gnarls Barkley: Smiley Faces

I’m so thrilled that JT has 4 in the bag, it was definitely well deserved, another well deserved was monster single.. i mean who else can beat the infectious tunes of umbrella?


How cute….

However, i dont think Rihanna’s Video should win video of the year… MTV is so TOTALLY OFF! The video was so blah, i couldnt even bring myself to watch the full video. so BOOOOOOOO to that one, still love Rihanna though… The other nominees are: JT – What goes around comes around, Beyonce – Irreplaceable, Amy Whinehouse – Rehab and Justice – D.A.N.C.E

I would opt for everyone except for amy and rihanna… I love Justice’s video

Fergie female artist of the year?? i wonder what nelly thinks abt this.. I would say nelly or beyonce in this catergory..

And best group, even though it is a sure win for Fall OUt Boy, i was so hopping for MCR or LP.


When that’s the winners…

The losers


Her horrible performance.. which someone finally upload on youtube, the vid i watched yesterday was much more clearer, so i could see clearly that she wasnt even trying to lipsynch at all, just singing along to the tape..

There was no energy at all, it seems like she didnt want to be on stage… I’m not a britney fan, beside liking her songs, but one thing that makes britney is her moves and her energy on stage, thats the britney that i LIKE… WHAT HAPPEN TO THAT?

Well, at least it is not VERY horrible as the press stated it would be

Here are some speculation after the performance:

Backstage: Britney crying that she was fat and she knew that she did badly
Hair: she pissed of the one and only ken paves, so that explains her hair
Source1: her rep blames the host sarah silverman, coz britney heard that she is going to say that her boys are beautiful mistakes, was mad hence her performance was bad
Source 2: Sarah Silverman didnt annonce to anybody abt her jokes before hitting the stage
source 3: Britney did not want to be lifted up, or any complicated moves, she didnt wanted to wear a corset and insist on wearing that number

She has no one to blame but herself, she has no manager if i’m not wrong… no one in this industry will go solo no matter how long their in this business just to survive let alone be successfull.

Speaking of loser, literally i mean

Kanye west went away empty handed again… and his reaction

Red Carpet:

the hills

So glad that the hills girls came, they look amazing esp whitney…

ashlee simpson

Cute… love her, surgery or not.


i dunnoe abt the dress, but bee is always gorgeous


Jennifer Garner… hot mama


Fly as usual for luda, love the purple vest


Another hot mama, i LOVE her.. spotting a new hair colour totally love it!


LOve the cleopatra look, but me no likey the train


Rihanna… with alot of tape…

lastly, Ms Paris Hilton


flawless, definitely trying on a new look.. at least she didnt look too slutty like a previous vmas tries

So thats all on my update on the Video Music Awards,


Liverpool 6 Derby 0

The signs of rafaulation is showing, fresh from the awesome showcase on the Liverpool’s 800th B-day the team is came to the match against newly promoted side with full confidence. And the scoreline confirms the confidence, the overflowing talent on dispose for the manager and finally we’re FINISHING!!!

The score does not nearly give as much pleasure and happiness then the fact that the players esp the forwards finally able to FINISH, that just brings joy to me. It is like the ultimate problem for us dont you think, and for the previous season we were strong in all areas except for that and it really scarred us.

However i am so not going to get my hopes up to high and get carried away…. Keep it up reds!


The man of the match for me, Mascherano, freaking awesome!

The scorers


I love his first goal, as usual its long range y’all. Is there any other way for him??!! =p


Everyone is saying that Torres is the best buy this summer for us, i truly think babel is the most excellent addition to the squad… Briliant guy, i expect big things from him!


This guy is definitely a shocker to me, but he has been great..


This Liverpudlian, realises his dream and scores his debut goal against Chelsea and now net in 2 more in as a red. So far, he is delivering his cost which is €23 mil, is he worth every penny? Will see…

Bring it on EPL 07/08!


I know man… Chelsea, I kinda not dislike them since i love John Terry, Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole, Petr Cech and Joe Cole… and i just search for Jt and out come some really HILARIOUS videos. I must say, ChelseaTV is fun!

If you are not into watching Chelsea, just watch the first few ones ya?

Blooper JT and Lampsy

i think this one is not included in the broadcasted orginal, since they were asked the same question with different response. At first, i was like what so funny, but both of their laughter is just infectious, forget the quality of the video, just laugh along ya?

Who is the Best Looking Footballer in Chelsea?

I find this really funny, everyone was so shocked abt the question and had a hard time. They were like WHAT THE HELL, John Terry’s “Blimey” and “flipping out” tells all, but Frank Lampard is the only one whip out the answer quick and expressionless. What does that say about him? Haha… kidding

Players (Jt, Frank and ferrera i think) Pranked the Presenter

I think this is freaking awesome!!

Lampard’s wife humilates JT on tele

LUTHER VANDROSS!!!how i wish he had SUNG! huge bummer, his shocked face is priceless though!

The dressing room celebration videos

FA Cup

Just look at the 0:45 when JT and Frank is like dancing “da da dadala …..” haha, they’re bringing it! ROFL and J.Cole @ 3.23, SO CUTE! haha.

Jt Arrives back to the Dressing Room after injury scare

Fast forward to the back, when everyone surrounded terry….

If you didnt catch that…

The Transcript:

terry: ‘i woke up and billy says to me ‘i thought you was dead’
Petr Cech: ‘thats not very nice bill’

Bill is the masseur, what a joker he is too. You can watch his videos on youtube. I thought JT was dead (ok maybe not to that extent but still), it looked extremely serious injury, he swallowed his tongue, i swear you could see him went blue. Was really scary!

Bottom line is i love JOHN TERRY And FRANK LAMPARD.

I’ll search for liverpool fun takes, but is definitelu alot less. Maybe they would be more behind the scenes in the future when liverpool TV launches soon. Fingers Crossed!


As the City celebrates their 800th Birthday, the club celebrates a wonderful growth in the squad and a brillaint result. Can i just say WOW WOW, Singapore just turn 43 early this month this shows how we are such a young nation that needs alot of growing and maturing to do, but hey we achieve hell alot in such a short time. Anyhows, i am not robbing liverpool spotlight, just having a small and absolutely rare patrotic moment.

parents minofappaluse

Also on the amazing night, few days after Everton gave a tribute to the Loss of a young Lad name Rys Jones, Liverpool is doing the same. Not only a minute of applause for the memory of the Rys but the playing of the EVERTON’S (our rival in case you just join us on Earth) ANTHEM. And you ask me why i love LIVERPOOL FC so much???!!


Anyways, Rhys Jones (age 11) was shot dead on the way home from playing football. Can you believe such a thing hapen. I would post a tribute of photos to Rhys


His friends, supporters of different clubs going to the scene where he died to pay their respect…


How sad…. for the parents to lose a son at such an age and for his friends to undergo grief at a tender age. Hiaz


This is my fav picture, i dont think there is a need for explaination. The picture speaks volumes really.

All this is in Loving Memory of Rhys Jones, may you rest in peace. And i’ll pray the family who reach a period of closure of his death soon.

This Champions league match was a brilliant showcase by the lads, i mean seriously not only is there such good teamwork and flow during the match, but we have plenty of chances and finished 4 out of them. I just hope they begin to finish just as well in the league.

stevie, It is an Amazing result, esp considering the fact that a couple of first team/ star players are MIA, gerrard Carra, Alonso etc.

First goal, is scored by Crouchy. Usually when he has something to prove he usually fare really well on the field. Goo crouchy, i was over the moon that he of all people scored! Team Crouchy!


Second goal was by the captain of the day, and Mr Broken Nose Hyypia


Quite fitting really to see him on the score sheet after finalling being back, sat does not count. =)


And the third and last goal is by the Amazing Dutchman, Kuyt.

He was damn unlucky during the match, he should and could get much more than two goals on the score sheet. He is the Man of the Match for me. Of course Babel was great too, great buy for us.


To watch the highlights of the game and the goals:

The commentator must be an American, guessing from the fact that when Crouchy score he said “TOUCHDOWN!” HAHAHHAHA Touchdown?? I know we do call it football here but sry no shoulder pads here. haha Thank god for the commentators that i am so used to!